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  1. Plenty of cheaters, yes. Not so sure about the honest players.
  2. Yeah, or cheat. At what point does it get so hard that most honest players give up and quit or go elsewhere?
  3. True, unless the higher cost means lower sales. If NCWest makes it expensive enough that the cost cannot be passed on without a loss of sales, there would be a real impact. Perma-banning buyers would help, too, obviously. Drive up the cost of doing business and drive down the demand. Both are necessary to make it work. Keep in mind that gas is a necessity for many people and adena is not. Sure, some people will pay any price, but most have limited funds and will not pay (or, at least, will not buy as much) if the price gets too high.
  4. Good to know they are actually doing some testing.
  5. Well, true to a point. Botting was prevalent, but the servers were not as infested as they are today. I suspect the server populations were greater then, too. That generated a greater demand and enough people willing to pay the "factored in" price. I agree, though, both that nothing will eliminate bots completely and that nothing is likely to be very effective unless they aggressively ban the cheater customers of the adena sellers as well. A subscription will, however, add substantially to the cost of doing business if NCWest vigorously pursues and perma-bans bots. At least it may
  6. Fair points. But what if NCWest merged Aden & Gludio and added one P2P server? They'd still have 4 servers. You'd still have your choice to play for free. And I agree the new server should not have an L2Store.
  7. You would be right if NCWest did nothing to ban bots. But they ban many bots (and, apparently, many innocent people as well, if these forums are to be believed). On a F2P/P2W the botters just create more bots and it costs them nothing. For every bot banned another two emerge. On a subscription server, the botters would have to constantly be paying to $10 over and over. It wouldn't rid the server of bots, but it certainly would reduce their numbers. It would also help if NCWest banned the cheaters who buy from these botters, and make a major show of it, destroying the market for the botte
  8. I've been putting forward this suggestions for months and for the life of me I can't see why they don't do it. Combine Aden and Gludio so they still only have 4 servers. What do they have to lose?
  9. This one is easy. They are concerned that people will use the forums to "publicly shame" people who aren't botting, people whom they simply dislike or are at war with. They don't want these forums to become like the hero chat on the live servers when all people do is hurl insults and accusations at other. Besides, botters have no shame.
  10. Your comments are well made and thoughtful. They deserve a thoughtful response. I agree with much of what you said, but not all of it. 1. Yes, NCWest makes money from the bots as I explained in an earlier post. But they do not have to cheat their own customers to do this. You acknowledge that in your first point. Still, you are contending they are part of a massive scheme to make money by cheating their customers while hiding their profits from the government to avoid taxation. And, to avoid taxes, they are allowing their game to be overrun by bots that wouldn't be there if they sim
  11. You are right that if all the real players left they would have no one to sell to. Heck, if the real players quit cheating by buying from them they'd have no one to sell to. But you and I both know neither of these things is going to happen. After all, they are still making money on the live servers, or they would have shut them down by now.
  12. Authority is an odd concept when proving a negative. But think about it. First, there are many disgruntled employees of NCWest (someone recently posted a link to a collection of them) and none of them have claimed RMTs and NCWest are in cahoots. Surely they would have blown the whistle if there was such a collaboration. Second, NCWest has no need for such a collaboration. If they want to they can make adena out of thin air and then either RMT it themselves or sell it in the L2Store. They don't need bots or RMTs to do that for them. Presumably they are not more proactive because tak
  13. I'm curious as to how long ago this was. 1. There are now many very active real players, though nearly none at the lower levels. Check out the castle sieges. There is one this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. American East Coast time. 2. There are probably 100 shops at the monster race track and the heroes are very accommodating about shouting WTB and WTS messages. 3. I haven't detected any resentment at all. In fact, my clan has been amused by my American accent (in TeamSpeak) and seem happy to have me on board, even though I've made clear that English is my only language. 4. You are not going to f
  14. Well, yeah, you are right I'm missing a major part of the history. I was, and am, asking you to educate me. Also, you did not answer my more direct question of the authority for the claim that Innova's license is exclusive. For that matter, is NCWest's license exclusive? Is that why Americans are banned from Innova's servers? Thanks for helping the rest of us to understand.
  15. You are the one crying. I'm just suggesting you say something useful or say nothing at all. Calling someone a cry baby is not useful.
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