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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    Again NCSoft reps promptly answer questions about clones while ignoring questions about bot programs. When will they address this issue?
  2. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    This topic has been quite enlightening. The NC reps are clearly reading and replying to the comments, but only VERY selectively. They answer comments about specific instances of returned gear. But they are completely, and tellingly, silent about the important issues, such as dealing with bot programs (the notion that they turned off the anti-bot program is stunning to me), the loss of customers caused by the wealth of p2w events, and the future of the game. Are they really that clueless about what is important to their customers? Or do they want to give the appearance of being responsive without actually responding to anything important? I think we know the answer.
  3. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    I've played for 14 years and spent far too much money. I'm an addict. It takes a lot to break an addiction. I may continue to play. But this event finally convinced me to stop buying ncoin. This is nuts and, obviously, the events will only get more expensive over time. I play for fun, not to try to dominate. I can have fun without these circlets, thank you.
  4. Truffail, thanks for your analysis but your reduction ad absurdum fails utterly for a very simple reason. It's a game! NCSoft (or NCWest if you prefer) sets the rules of the game. We can like or dislike the rules. Personally, I dislike many of them. And we are free to choose not to play. Personally, I choose to play anyway. But, while we can criticize the rules of the game, we cannot fairly blame people who play within the rules of the game, but play differently than we do. Your real-world examples have no place in a fantasy game. In the real world there are at least arguably some moral absolutes the supersede even the rules set by governing bodies. Just because Hitler decided the Holocaust was legal did not make those who carried it out blameless. They violated a greater moral imperative (against murder and genocide) accepted by nearly all moral systems. My view is that there is no such moral imperative within a fantasy game. In a way, I wish there were. I'm against mean trash talking that actually hurts the people behind the characters being trashed. But I can't say it is outside the game's rules or criticize the people who hurt people that way for being anything worse than real-life jerks, because such trash talking is a legal and accepted part of the game and if it bothers me that much I can just choose not to play.
  5. I suspect most of us are very disappointed with where the game is today, but it is what it is. It is unfair to criticize Oeste or anyone else who chooses to accept the game the way it is and spend the money necessary to play it at a high level. Criticize NCSoft, if anyone. They certainly deserve it. The big spenders, without whom the game would not exist at all, do not deserve the kind of attack Oeste got above.
  6. Bugg Event Fortune

    Good luck, but the rules did very carefully explain about the every 17th rule.
  7. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    Sorry, Hime. Don't know why I thought she was male. Anyway, I was very grateful for every post she made because she actually seemed to be listening and caring what we had to say. But I haven't seen her posts here in a while and I miss her. This asking for feedback then not even bothering to acknowledge it, much less discuss it, is completely bogus.
  8. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    Still no answers. Where is Hime? At least he tried to have a discussion with us. BTW, even gear hero battles is a brilliant idea.
  9. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    Still no answer to the question why you don't do the things you can do, independent of the developers, to make the game better for players. Perhaps you have not answered because the real answer is that you have no intention of making things better for the players. All the accusations that you are milking the players for every dime you can get from them and the game be damned (accusations I've resisted accepting before now) must be true. There is so much you could do even without the developers. You choose not to do it and don't even answer a question as to why. What other conclusion can I possibly draw? On a more constructive note, bring back the daily clan exp buff. Increase spoils, especially at the lowest levels, to the levels they used to be so developing players have a chance to earn items to get them started. This upgrade was very poorly thought out. For example, the 85-95 quest system is a nice addition, but it has the npcs explaining basic stuff like what gatekeepers do (filled with errors, btw, like the statement, and even picture, that the gatekeepers still charge for teleports). Anyone who levels a character from 1 to 85 already knows all this. It only makes sense if characters start at 85, which isn't a bad idea in itself. Finally, I want to talk to the 6 who voted the update is fantastic in this poll. I have some swampland here in Florida that I'll bet they'd love to buy.