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  1. A way to revive interest in L2

    Try reading what he said again. "It would have no L2Store (and no access to the web store)." The whole point is to eliminate the pay to win model on the new server. In that sense, it is a classic server.
  2. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    I believe in the past dyes have stayed. Anyone know for sure?
  3. Others can answer these questions a lot better than I can, but let me make a few suggestions. OLs are still in demand, but there are far more of them than there used to be. All the classes play a lot more alike after awakening than they did before. By that I mean there is not a great deal of difference from one feoh to the next, one yul to the next, etc. You might consider the new classes. Eviscerator and Sayha's Seer are both fun to play and a bit different than anything you've done. Eviscerator is stronger for PVE and Saysa's Seer for PVP. BSPS is still expensive, but if you are willing to spend any real money at all, they are VERY cheap in the L2Store. As for the classes, summoners seem to be out of favor and they strengthened the feohs fairly recently, making them way more popular than they were. I know some tanks who were unhappy with the changes that were recently made to them, but I've never played a tank so I can't give details. Good luck and I hope you enjoy playing again.
  4. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    I'm not saying I'm special. I'm saying they treat ALL of their customers like dirt. The pile of money they are making is shrinking. It would not shrink nearly as fast if they treated their customers with respect. Heck, the game might even have a future.
  5. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    Complete silence, no response at all from Conguero or Neutron. Just like they didn't respond to my question about their long-term plans. Just like they didn't respond to my suggestion for a pay-to-play server. Just like they hardly ever bother to respond to anything. You were expecting anything else? Sorry to be so cynical in my old age but the lack of attention these guys pay to their customers is truly shocking.
  6. Dimensional Castle Siege

    CT, if you really believe that your idea will do anything but make the dominant clans even more dominant, you are fooling yourself. Actually, I appreciate the creativity of the idea, it just would have the exact opposite of the intended effect.
  7. Monster Collection in Enchanted Valley

    That's the way it has worked since they implemented the monster collection. Doesn't make any sense to me, either.
  8. Dimensional Castle Siege

    Of course, and that's exactly what CT wants.
  9. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    Oeste, I agree completely with both of your posts above. But, realistically, how likely are the NCWest guys to act on your suggestions?
  10. "More" Quest Option Nerf?

    Baylor and CC are a must at 97. Also, do Kartia 95 group with as few people as you can do it successfully. It's still worth doing Seal of Shilien solo at 97 and 98. When you are able to kill the mobs solo, you can go to Hellbound. You can't get the quests until 99 but the exp is better than Pagans & BS.
  11. "More" Quest Option Nerf?

    The new faction is the adventure guild. See Penny, in the corner of Aden where the dimension crack is, and Herphah, who is right next to her. They were added to make it very easy to get from 85 to 95 or so.
  12. Dailies/Daily coins

    I hate to agree with someone whining about his "afk" toons, but, yeah, the current system is not nearly as rewarding as the old one. An easy fix is to raise or eliminate the limit on normal missions and drop the price of daily coins.
  13. "More" Quest Option Nerf?

    When you get to 97, both Pagan's and Blazing Swamp dailies still allow extra levels, but they take a long time to do. Be sure and do all of Penny's quests if you haven't already. You can do them on your dual if need be. At your level, the dim crack offers excellent experience. Both the npc outside and the one inside give daily quests for the crack. You can do each of them separately for the chance to kill twice as many of the experience-rich mobs inside.
  14. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    Thanks, Yidao!