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  1. I think some people honestly don't know the difference between auto-follow and botting. Either that or they report auto-followers just because they don't like boxing. Please, there is a difference between boxes and bots. Only report bots or the whole system gets clogged up with false reports.
  2. They have formally announced that they are not going to change the rates. I think that is a mistake that will kill the game, but it does no good to complain here as if the issue has not been decided. Either figure out how to cope with it or go elsewhere like I've done.
  3. Posts are going down

    Well, NCWest gave its final, formal word. No more adjustments and spoilers be damned. Queues are gone. It's clear they aren't going to do anything about bots. What is there to post about? Actually, Shreekz is right. This is a positive, in that the people who want to play the game as it is will settle in, and those who don't (like me) will leave.
  4. Goodness, just play the game the way you want to play it. If you don't like the daily quests or event, ignore them. Relax. Play the game for fun. That doesn't mean you have to do every little thing in it.
  5. It's about playing with clannies/friends to achieve a common goal (a castle), or about soloing to achieve a solo goal (hero). But struggling? I struggle enough in real life, thank you. It's a game. It should be fun. As for stopping, looking and listening, I've played this game for 15 years. I've already looked at and listened to pretty much all there is in this game. When I do come across something new I do stop & take it in. But those times are few and far between. Thanks for the advice, but I'd rather play the game the way I enjoy playing it.
  6. lineage 1

    Thanks for answering, but I was talking about the remastered version that is just now being released in Korea. Hope they translate it to English some day and release it here.
  7. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    There is absolutely nothing more useless than accusing people who are asking for changes of crying. I take that back. Starting new forum topics for the sole purpose of complaining about people asking for changes, claiming they are crying, is more useless. I take that back. Responding to such nonsense is more useless even than that. Shame on me. Seriously, come on. They've said they are sticking with the current rates. It's a huge mistake, but they are now committed to it. Let's move on -- me to other servers, those who like it this way to play the game here.
  8. lineage 1

    Is there any chance this will eventually be made available in English? I came in at the beginning of L2 and never tried L1. Would love to try the remastered version, but only know English
  9. Maximum level was not 70?

    No, they didn't.
  10. I suspect the hardcores and the big spenders will love it. The free-to-play, solo players and honest players, other than the honest hardcore players, hate it. I've already left these servers and this firms up my decision. They made a huge mistake. When classic turns into live, with the whales in charge and the rest of the servers dead, perhaps people will see just how large a mistake.
  11. This is an unimaginably bad decision, for players and for NCWest, I quit playing NCWest servers (after spending way too much money) two weeks ago and, with decisions like this, I will never be returning. Good luck to you and I do hope you wake up before it is too late. You've killed the goose that lays your golden eggs. Such a shame. P.S. Really? The spoil rates do not need adjusting? You may not want to kill the game, but you must really hate spoilers.
  12. Ncsoft wrongfully banning legit players

    Little too sensitive there, aren't you? I literally have not attacked a single person regarding banning. Neither of my comments above was an attack. I even suggested in those very comments that the only way they are going to effectively ban bots is to have people actually in the game hunting them down and banning them, something you yourself suggested. I've also said several times that NCWest hasn't figured out how to ban bots in 15 years; I seriously doubt they are going to do so now. But suggesting NCWest is banning people because they are "sadistic jerks or complete idiots" is just uncalled for.
  13. Ncsoft wrongfully banning legit players

    I'm sure it happens. As I said, they make mistakes. But people here talk like they are banning innocents on purpose and that's nonsense. They have no reason to do so and it hurts their own pocketbooks. And if NCWest does anything right it's looking out for their own pocketbooks.
  14. I agree. They might well figure out a way to do a different 4th class transfer with 31 truly different classes maintained. I don't know if they'll put enough resources into the game to actually do it, but they surely could.
  15. Ncsoft wrongfully banning legit players

    I have no idea if it's 100% but it's certainly a high number. NCWest has no incentive to ban honest players. I'm sure they've made mistakes, and their new software looks shaky at best. But give them credit for (sort of) trying. I know it's not going to happen, but if they'd only put people in game to find and ban bots maybe they'd succeed.