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  1. Bots...

    You are right that if all the real players left they would have no one to sell to. Heck, if the real players quit cheating by buying from them they'd have no one to sell to. But you and I both know neither of these things is going to happen. After all, they are still making money on the live servers, or they would have shut them down by now.

    Authority is an odd concept when proving a negative. But think about it. First, there are many disgruntled employees of NCWest (someone recently posted a link to a collection of them) and none of them have claimed RMTs and NCWest are in cahoots. Surely they would have blown the whistle if there was such a collaboration. Second, NCWest has no need for such a collaboration. If they want to they can make adena out of thin air and then either RMT it themselves or sell it in the L2Store. They don't need bots or RMTs to do that for them. Presumably they are not more proactive because taking proactive steps like putting GMs in game would cost more money that they are willing to spend. It is also likely that they are afraid that they will lose money from those botters who bot and script to get ahead in the game and pay large sums of money both for VIP status and for items from the L2Store. That does not mean they are in cahoots with the botters or that they are incompetent. It just means that they have made the financial calculation that they lose more money by working hard to get rid of bots than they do by being lax in their enforcement. Or, to put the same thing differently, they will gain more money from the bots than they would otherwise gain from those who are leaving because of the bots. We don't have to like bots. I know I don't and I left these servers in part because of bots. But there is no need for wild conspiracy theories or claims of incompetence to explain why the bots still exist.
  3. blocked country

    I'm curious as to how long ago this was. 1. There are now many very active real players, though nearly none at the lower levels. Check out the castle sieges. There is one this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. American East Coast time. 2. There are probably 100 shops at the monster race track and the heroes are very accommodating about shouting WTB and WTS messages. 3. I haven't detected any resentment at all. In fact, my clan has been amused by my American accent (in TeamSpeak) and seem happy to have me on board, even though I've made clear that English is my only language. 4. You are not going to find an optimal game experience. All I do know is that the game experience on Skelth is far superior to the experience on the NA servers. 5. You are right and it doesn't seem that they mind us being from the US. However, they still say in their rules that US is not supported, though they don't say that anywhere on 4game (the log in software) as best I can tell. Sorry you didn't have a better experience on Skelth and GL on finding the optimal game experience for you.
  4. blocked country

    Well, yeah, you are right I'm missing a major part of the history. I was, and am, asking you to educate me. Also, you did not answer my more direct question of the authority for the claim that Innova's license is exclusive. For that matter, is NCWest's license exclusive? Is that why Americans are banned from Innova's servers? Thanks for helping the rest of us to understand.
  5. Lots of players leaving

    You are the one crying. I'm just suggesting you say something useful or say nothing at all. Calling someone a cry baby is not useful.

    Yeah, right. They are milking money by infesting the prime hunting grounds with bots and chasing real players away. Sure. Come on, if they wanted to they could create all the adena they wanted without the bots and sell it in the L2Store. Or, if they were that crooked, they could create the adena and sell it as RMTs. They certainly wouldn't need bots to do it.
  7. Lots of players leaving

    If all you can do is insult people, please do not post here.
  8. blocked country

    You may be right, although I'd like to see the authority for your comment that the license is exclusive. Why, then, does NCWest have a server with server time in European time zones?
  9. The European Classic server, Skelth, is far better than these. You can try it for a month + 7 days for 2 Euros. And each character gets a free starter pack that will get you well past level 40 very quickly. The adena/drops/spoils are better, too.

    Skelth was dead. It's making a comeback, with competitive alliances & interesting sieges. There are still cheaters there, but far fewer than here. No telling how long that will last, but at least now it's a far better alternative than the NCWest Classic servers.
  11. Lots of players leaving

    Cynical, but sadly correct. As long as NCWest refuses to do what is needed to enforce their rules, and as long as so many people are willing to cheat, it will stay that way. But it doesn't have to be that way. Try Skelth. It was essentially killed by one group (I wasn't there, but as I understand it, a group of cheaters) owning the server. Once they left, though, the server has been slowly rebuilding, with competitive groups, exciting sieges, and relatively little (never none, of course) cheating.
  12. Lots of players leaving

    Better idea -- ban both. Ban all cheaters -- buyers, sellers, botters, scripters, people who automate gameplay -- all cheaters. P.S. Depends on what the macro key does. If it is roughly equivalent to an in-game macro there shouldn't be a problem. If it is roughly equivalent to a looping macro, then it is cheating and should be banned.
  13. blocked country

    Probably part political (Europe banned Americans first) and part an effort to bar cheaters. Europe doesn't seem to enforce their ban and I doubt NA will either.
  14. The lesson is simple. Always read the event description. Sorry it was such an expensive lesson for you.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to explain the difference you intended. You are right that selling adena in the L2Store pumps adena into the game that was not there before. That does cause inflation, in game and in the real world. However, the same amount of adena produced in-game by cheaters botting has the same effect. Your distinction would be meaningful if the adena produced in-game was produced by honest people playing the game at the keyboard as it was meant to be played. But it isn't. And, sometimes, even the people at the keyboard are just grinding to obtain the adena to sell as a business, 24 hours a day in shifts. This does just as much harm to the in-game economy. You end up with the same amount of adena pumped into the game, the same inflation and, to add insult to injury, no place for the honest people to hunt. Please understand I don't support selling adena through the L2Store. Personally, as I have stated many times in these forums, I would prefer that NCWest put the resources needed into stopping botting, buying adena with real money, scripting, and all forms of cheating. But they aren't doing that. I still believe they should be consistent. Either say buying adena with real money is okay, and sell it in the L2Store to put the botters out of business. Or say it's not okay and put the needed resources into stopping it. Your analysis suggests an alternative I hadn't considered -- that they make buying adena from RMTs with real money legal, while not selling it themselves. I think that just gives us the worst of both worlds. The economy is still out of whack because of the bot-farmed adena and items. And players who don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend still can't compete, in some cases can't even find places to play the game because the bots control all the decent hunting spots. Not a good idea, imho. Thanks for responding.