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Destroyer 40 lvl which C grade weapon should i buy?


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Hello there sorry for noobish topic, but i seek some advice what C grade weapon should i buy ? Cause I don't have that much adena for berseker currently using lesser giant hammer. Maybe if I buy weaker C grade weapon it will be easier to farm adena when with D grade or just go for pag sword and until when farm with blunt?

Plz guys I want some tips not ridiculous comment's about unistall L2 :)

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@Manjakas 61lvl destro here, buy c grade pag sword or karik horn (both weapon 6kk) and start farming in cruma tower  from lvl 40-54 :D monster have blunt weapon weaknes but pag sword will do more crit, i picked karik horn because of hammer crush skill. What you have on box accounts? pp+bd would be good

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