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  1. @Juji Is there any info about Timed Zones?
  2. @Juji You guys joking or what!!! All other regions enjoying the full update with 0 problems. And here you remove all features from us and now you bring back the queue to us again ? One day you remove everything and put it back again.......and repeat this's your solution? We played in the exp boost with the lag issue it was fine better than nothing and now when you end the exp event you remove everything again. If you don't know how to fix it, bring back the exp boost again tell you solve your problems, what next in your minds ?
  3. @Hime @Juji Latency issue not solved, and i'm sure you can't solve it coz you don't know. If you want us to keep playing like this you have to extend the EXP Boost for 2 more weeks' You don't have any other option
  4. @Juji What about the timed hunting zones?
  5. @Juji what about the timed hunting zones?
  6. yes. and don't forget one account to do manikur pedikur for clan members also!!!!!!!!
  7. If you want to keep the Queue thing, let each log in one acc only then. i will not wait in queue coz there's a guy logging 7 accounts just to bot !!!! let everyone log one account only....................
  8. Who's in charge to this game? no GM's know how to fix latency lag!!!!! ncsoft do you know anything about this game?? i'v been waiting for 2.5 hrs and when i logged in i got crash then start all over again are you serious??
  9. You guys talking about compensation!!! i will be more than happy If they fix the latency issue,
  10. Lag Issues

    @Juji do your Hocus Pocus to solve this problem please coz no point to send a ticket to support team.
  11. Delay when attacking

    Same problem to me with macro, when i stop game macro works fine.
  12. @Juji Hi juji, can you guarantee that if we use soul shot for fishing event it will work properly or the soul shot bug will affect fishing event too? Regards
  13. @Juji about coming update, is it soon? is it in summer maybe ? June / July ? don't give us the date at least give us the month
  14. there's no pvp at Chronos, did you ever see pvp at dim siege recently? bro i'm talking about cp's tournament like old days. who qq about pvp here? I talked about dim siege coz it's dead. Regards
  15. SS BUG

    @Juji @Hime Soul Shot issue took too long to be fixed, guys the game is unplayable from the lag and SS bug. and today Olympiad and tomorrow also and the day after siege! peeps can't play with those issues. do something asap please.