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  1. @Juji Hi juji, can you guarantee that if we use soul shot for fishing event it will work properly or the soul shot bug will affect fishing event too? Regards
  2. @Juji about coming update, is it soon? is it in summer maybe ? June / July ? don't give us the date at least give us the month
  3. there's no pvp at Chronos, did you ever see pvp at dim siege recently? bro i'm talking about cp's tournament like old days. who qq about pvp here? I talked about dim siege coz it's dead. Regards
  4. SS BUG

    @Juji @Hime Soul Shot issue took too long to be fixed, guys the game is unplayable from the lag and SS bug. and today Olympiad and tomorrow also and the day after siege! peeps can't play with those issues. do something asap please.
  5. @Juji @Hime Let's make some action here, i think the meaning of siege is to fight other clans not to stay for 2 hours doing nothing !!! what the use of dim siege right now? are you guys having fun in dim siege? let's see peeps opinions about this. Bring back the cp's tournament like the one we had before, peeps want some action here. Regards
  6. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    Now you will see peeps will cry asking for Fafurion update
  7. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    I don't know why you mix between Fafurion update and Extended EXP Boost Event! They can Extend the EXP Boost now and add it to Fafurion when it launch what's the problem ? I i'm sure they can find a solution, just don't disagree for nothing.
  8. Hello Juji, I wish as many peeps here you extend the EXP Boost Event for one or two more weeks please. we're trying hard to hit 110 level or close to that but it needs more time, main reason of this is because not enough spots in Sea of Spores area. As you can see, many players coming back to live server want to level up and catch up with so i think if you extend the exp boost event could be a motivation to them and us. I wish i made my point and i'm sure many peeps will do more. Regards
  9. Siege Time Change (Summer)

    +1 agree with this, Juji do your hocus pocus on this Topic please.
  10. They're busy this days, They'll move to Mars planet
  11. dyes

    How about you give more details, we're not Witches here
  12. Bring Back XP Boost

    Thank you Juji for the XP boost event and the info.
  13. Bring Back XP Boost

    info on that event?
  14. Bring Back XP Boost

    I will remind you everyday tell someone come down from his Ivory Tower and give us more details about xp boost event.