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Players rights RAID BOSSES Giran Server


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Hello im Kytta...


I am playing on the giran server, as future warlord ... I am beginner in the game, and for the first time official L2 game. I've always played private and easy servers, but for the first time I experience a true sense of a great RPG game. But I'm disappointed ... I was doing raid boss (low level) with some players who were recruiting 70+ players to do with them. and they always leave the loot in the "Loot Leader". take the whole loot, make on average 20 RB per day. They say that in the end they will share with the party leaders. and in the end they only litter the garbage, getting everything else. many other players say it's fair, because they only go there for XP ... which is funny because there are other partys out of "CC" stealing all the good XP. And if I want drops, I have to find a good CP and go raid with them. Guys, that totally loses its meaning, meeting new people, new players, making friendships. We have to find random people with the same goal and do! But those damn SCAMMERS ... they just steal the players, and they do it every day, in the same way, and every day, players fall into their trap ... would they be adena sellers? I do not know ... I just want to understand why so many people are defending them, even if they steal it in their faces. this is fair? I'm very noob? please someone answer me

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U can make your own clan , party and try to steal RBs , all time there is a war for these RBs , i m one of the guys in main parties.... we are all people and we just have more time then you to farm them ... if you guys want , you can take them ... of course we will fight for them but all of you have chance to do that...

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I simply stopped joining them after realizing that it's just not worth it. If I go out of CC I get very good exp, but then I also get literally 0 adena while still consuming ss, resulting in a big loss of money. If I join CC I can attack without using ss and by putting minimum effort into it since the exp is going to get stolen by outside parties anyway because almost everybody in the cc is either leeching or boxing or is just a support class, however in that case not only I get abysmal exp,  but I also have to waste 3-4 hours waiting for the cc leader to throw us peanuts at the end (some EAD or low grade D jewels) and hoping that the party leader is not another scumbag. 

Much better to go farm by myself, exp is slower but at least I get money and I don't contribute to make those guys even more rich than they already are by taking advantage of other players. 

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