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Need advice to starting Lineage 2.


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I was a high level Overlord in the original Lineage in 2003 version with many successful castle sieges and a member of one of the top clans. I want to start playing again.

Which sever should I choose?

Any clans willing to take on someone with my previous experience to help me progress?

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Honestly, pick the server that has a Siege time that you would prefer. This is because you most likely will be asked to attend, and you want to make sure it is held during a time that you would be available. Ensure that the active server prime time, is in conjunction with your own playtime.

After that, you can begin looking for a clan and people that are helpful. However, you most likely would need to hit at least level 20 before players begin taking you seriously. Maybe even level 40. You came back in just the right time though, because there is a pack available when the update hits that will help you level. You should register for that now.

Welcome to the Classic Server.


Just one last tip: Try to ignore the Bots, they are rampant on NA classic Server. They have to work hard for their customers who RMT.

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The European Classic server, Skelth, is far better than these.  You can try it for a month + 7 days for 2 Euros.  And each character gets a free starter pack that will get you well past level 40 very quickly.  The adena/drops/spoils are better, too.

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