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L2 Classic so far (Question)


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Hey guys, returning player here from C3-Kamael. How is L2 classic in comparison to the old L2? would a returning player like me enjoy it or is it all butchered up because it is essentially P2W now? or can i enjoy the game how i used to without needing to pull my wallet out that often.

thank you for the replies in advance.

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You can enjoy? idk, servers atm full bots, adena sellers, and be sure soon l2 store pay to win items will come...the only good thing i see here is u know server will stay online some years but if i m honest l2 is bleeped, in ncwest even more cuz seems they dont give a bleep about situation, ncwest = minimum effort & maximum profit.

run my friend...

run away!!!

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Thanks for the reply! Well I don’t mind the bots just yet. So far it doesn’t seem toooooooo terrible. As long as I don’t have to buy stuff from the NC store like OP charms or things that will greatly offset pvp is fine with me. Lineage 2 for me is all about the pvp/pk at higher levels. 

The live server gave me aids, never went back.

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