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Any can help me with Modem DSL QOS?


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Lineage 2 has specific port and port ranges it communicates with game server(s).

1. Find out what those port and port ranges are, TCP or UDP types.

2. Although consumer grade modem generally do not have full corporate enterprise QoS, like Cisco's ISR routers with "auto QoS" which automatically provisions up the industry best practice standard DSCP (differentiated service code point) values.  BUT... you can priority PORTS over other ports like Netflix streaming or Torrent traffic, which helps.

3. Your router should be the ones to priority the traffic not modem, until it's built-in dual function.  To access your router, typically just use your browser, if your network is 192.168.0.x which is the most common standard IP addressing methodology, then just "" on your URL browser should get you to login.  Some routers has default "admin/admin" for first time or "admin/password" for first time login, it may be on a sticker on your router.  In any case, once you are in, you look for anything that let you PRIORITIZE PORT and PORT RANGES.


Whenever someone tells me my suggestion doesn't help, I usually just tell them to Google "Jesus with a middle finger" and click "Images".  Again, I hope this helps (HTH).

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