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Herkulesas    0

Hi everyone, so i've been playing l2 today with 2 clients, i was farming on my main char and on box i had opened shop for selling stuff as always. So, my box got disconnected, i tried to log in again but it said ,,Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked". I have no idea why and whats the point to lock account with level 1 dwarf who just sells/buys stuff. I havent done anything illegal, didnt buy any adena from Adena sellers, im not using any illegal software.    Contacted ncsoft support, but maybe u have any tips and answers why this happened to me?  :D pretty ironic that ive been reporting bots and got blocked myself xD

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Windfure    1

I have recieved a copy paste mail that i was using a known 3rd party software on a box that has 26 level and leveled ONLY by fishing from level 1....ROFL

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