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Damage changes with lots of things. Buffs, gears, setups.
For farm they are good in 1v1, ofc, in NA server the evasion seems to be quite dead, so it's hard to wear a light and survive dodging, but i guess the best farming setup would be with a plated +4 str. 
Landing skill is around 50/60% with dark elfs, which is quite low, but it wont be quite a problem in end-game when you'll learn focus death. But you gotta hit 78 for that. 
The damage changes a lot with buffs like death whisper, dance of fire or the awesome pendant of fire lv 2+ OEd to 6+, othell rune also increases crt dmg. 
Anyway w/o rune but with DW+dance of fire you can oneshot with backstabs the mob inside the Aden daily dungeon. 
PvP wise you need to hit at least 51+ to be worth something 'cause you will learn hide, shadow step and trick at those levels which are key-skills for dagger in classic. 
As for dmg in PvP, in late game daggers are one-hit kill machine when stabbing robe and light users, especially with the broken fire pendant which gives you over 300+ crt dmg power. 
Just saying, i'm pretty sure that as it is now, a dagger lv 52 with Death whisper + Dance of fire + Pendant fire lv 2 OEd to 7 and Othell rune level 7+, would be able to oneshot anything but heavy users. Even tho, they wont survive 2 backstabs in a row. 

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