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Hello,newbie here got a question.


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Hey guys,how you doing so i'm new here and i was out of lineage for a long time and i'm thinking of coming back but i'm gonna play Duelist cause i loved the char how it was before and i'm thinking to stick with it but there are few variables that i need to consider, so my question is or probably are:

1)can they do anything on mass pvp or small scale?
2)good oly?coc?1v1?Dmg?
3)pve i believe it's not good right?
4)end game gear - do they have any possibilty to be great?

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Well, what I'm saying to everybody that want to play a specific class... Just try it ... Explore it... See it in instances, outside farm, pvp, coc, oly ... If you want to play something, just play it ... Don't go with the FotM classes just because they are good in one thing, ie mass pvp ... Besides, you can play whatever you want as your main class, and do something different as a dual ... You won't lose anything, besides time ... Well, time is lost in a game anyway ... It just matters how you spend it... Overall, if you have fun playing with that class, go for it ... 

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