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Oriana Event: how can there be "no winner"?

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@GM Re: Oriana Event: Please kindly explain how can there be "no winner"?  What is the mechanism of choosing a winner?  If 100 players have the Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff, shouldn't the drawing "DRAW" from the pool of 100 players *only* to select a winner?

Or there are 6000 registered players on say Chronos.  Unless the drawing draws from:

1. all who are logged in,

2. all who are not logged in,

3. all those who have Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff and

4. all those who did not have Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff.

Just want an official statement from GM because from official rules, I can't find any.  The only thing that I can assure is "if there is no winner", 100 Oriana's coins will not be given.  So officially 100% of the people can be logged in but there is a mystery component that somehow, in some weird NCSoft-is-as-powerful-as-God mysterious way, there can be NO WINNER, period!  Kind of like our national voting machines, all dark and mysterious.

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Hey there!

See my post in the event thread elaborating a bit more on winner selection. Essentially, with each drawing there's something like a "pass/fail" roll to determine if any winner will be chosen. If it passes a winner is then selected randomly from characters that are under the effects of Oriana's Disguised Clothing. With each successive stage (1–5) the chance that a winner will be chosen increases. Anyone with the buff has a chance to win anytime a drawing is done, but it's never guaranteed that someone will win.

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Ah ok.  Thanks Conguero, this helps explain things.  I do know the bigger the prize the less chance of it winning, I can tell from the number of 100 coins we receive.  If I really want just the 100 coins, I tend to play at the higher odds games but smaller prizes.  Thanks for this event.  I realize it's free and everything so, it's all good. 

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