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@Juji I hope you guys are aware of how very disappointing your support team is. First and foremost this is not me trying to bash or disrespect our beloved GMs from the support team but rather to raise awareness as I've noticed for a very long time that most of them doesn't even have a single clue on how the game (Lineage II) works. Like for example a player let's name him Player 1 contacted that he bought a prestige pack and wasn't able to receive any mails from the system. So the support team replied after a day since the petition was made (another huge problem of support team which is the long response time) and the reply goes like this since you haven't received your prestige pack have you tried repairing your system go start L2 and from the menu press repair. Like how does that even relate? And this is not only the scenario of to which the support team showed being clueless in regards to the game. I hope that you guys actually take this topic that I made very seriously since as a company having this low quality of a support team shows how little you guys care about your general audiences.

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