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Oriana's event


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So... this event.... can someone explain me something? You have to have the outfit active to participate in the draw and that outfit only lasts for 1 hour each, so you can participate in the draw only 3 times a day? The outfits can be reclaimed only one per day per account?

I think they will add some outfits in the Store as well.. soy spenders can get weapons B +16 easily...

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53 minutes ago, xxbutcherxx said:

If it is the same as live then yes, 3 x 1 hour outfit per account once a day, also they will not be sold in the store and everything is random as always, for you to get Oriana coins someone must win the lottery, if no one does then no coins.


It could be a whole day without winners... been there :ph34r:

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