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  1. Oriana`s event + fishing coin bug

    You know there has be a winner for you to received the coins right? no winner, no coins.
  2. They are supposed to stay but instead they disappeared upon death, wasn't like this before the patch.
  3. Oriana's event

    If it is the same as live then yes, 3 x 1 hour outfit per account once a day, also they will not be sold in the store and everything is random as always, for you to get Oriana coins someone must win the lottery, if no one does then no coins.
  4. When you in a party you get certain amount of bonus exp ( which is terrible ) now they increased that by 50% which still be terrible. They said they will boost everything and yet solo exp will remain the same..
  5. Like they did with level 55, for everyone 56+ nothing will change just adjust the exp table.
  6. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Soo.. are you bringing the servers online anytime soon? an update? extended time? for God sake say something!!
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Looks like they extended the maintenance time....
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

    Servers are still down.

    Mod you can close the topic I found the issue.

    Error: XIGNCODE3 has detected identical game clients running is process. Please close all identical clients and try again????? Error 0xE0191014 is not even showing the XIGNCODE website. So this means that the new update screw up everything, I can't only have one client open and not 3? not even 2? anyone else having this issue? I checked all my Windows processes and only shows 1 client
  11. Event Monkey Baits get DELETED??

    That is the fine print from the "website", what about if I don't read the website and buy the baits from L2store? the store doesn't say anything about deleting the baits. I too will be losing 13k baits.
  12. About monkey event

    Mysterious soul shots (same from the L2 store) are the same as regular shots, the difference? you can carry all you want since they don't have any weight. If they do more damage? Well the answer is no they do not.
  13. Cat Buff

    So @Hime @Juji yesterday I got 4 cat buff items and today only one, working as intended?
  14. Classic Servers down, Info here pls

    I knew someone unplugged the servers!
  15. Classic Servers down, Info here pls

    They are up again!