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  1. This post is so funny, this is a PVP/PK game and is been like this since BETA, Pking for spots, training, insulting, making you go red, is the same shit as always been and will not change, that is why a lot people like this game and it's PVP/PK system, don't like PK? then go play Hello Kitty online.
  2. So much hate..., the game is been like this for many, many years and it won't change, GMs can't do jack without the Devs approval.
  3. No idea where you guys are playing from, but a 350 queue goes fast, I spent about 20 min before logging in, also I do not experience any lag or disconnections.
  4. Also, I found that if I'm group with my Evi and I do more damage than her then she won't pick up the drops as Yul
  5. 18k NCOINS for the Shillen Crystals, WTF are you guys smoking?
  6. Have you ever play Monopoly? same shit.
  7. Some times when I read all the these posts, I feel that you guys just started playing this game yesterday.
  8. I think is intended because they get Shine and Shadow transformations.
  9. Why Why why? We only have 2 SKILLS 1 AOE and 1 single ( at least for Trickster) and now in top of that we have to wait until we can kill an epic to get the scroll or crystal?
  10. Kamael needs books after 3rd class change but they also need 2 scrolls and 2 crystals to level the skills shine and shadow, those items are non-existent or don't know where to find them.
  11. Quick question, are the Kamael half done? because for a new race and classes to have 3 skills is kind of pathetic, @Juji are you guys going to implement more skills or should I just press F2 all the time?
  12. I also looking for these scrolls and no where to find any info about it.
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