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  1. I think the Anti-Bot was created for the new server Aden, they don't care about classic and Live and they know they will have bots running everywhere in Aden.
  2. EU classic closed down while back and I believe this version is heading the same way.
  3. Yeah keep wasting money and sitting in Giran all day lol...I also have money but I'm not going to use it on this. Keep using mom and dad's trust fund kid, money doesn't last forever unless you are Jeff Bezos lol
  4. lol ..$50k in gear to kill 3 guys and talk crap on hero chat, rich people.
  5. I made my bow +21 limited R110 from +18 before rollback, server came back on and tried again and boom failed, do know how much money I have to invest to try and make my bow +21 again?
  6. Hope is not because I spent 11 royal gold tickets to make my bow +21, so @Juji how can this be resolved? why do we have to pay for your mistakes and the server exploit people?
  7. I made my bow + 21 after maintenance from +18, I hope is still +21 when I log back in the game. @Juji
  8. This post is so funny, this is a PVP/PK game and is been like this since BETA, Pking for spots, training, insulting, making you go red, is the same shit as always been and will not change, that is why a lot people like this game and it's PVP/PK system, don't like PK? then go play Hello Kitty online.
  9. So much hate..., the game is been like this for many, many years and it won't change, GMs can't do jack without the Devs approval.
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