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Recipes to upgrade lv. 1 mats


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Hi all !

I was looking to find the recipes to upgrade Lv.1 mats into Lv.2. You can find recipes for upgrade above Lv 2 at HB, but what happen with the recipes i mention before? I am talking for example for the recipe Leather Braid - Upgrade (Recipe for changing Worn Leather Braid Lv.1 into Leather Braid Lv2) I didn't find any NPC or quest give these recipes, so i try to see the drop rate. I find one monster at Chromatic Highlands with rate of drop 0,001 - 0,005% and the easier mobs to kill are at Field of Silence with rate 0,0009%! I am asking the GM's what is the point give a material recipe so extremely low rate to find. I am looking at a low level recipe not a full drop R weapon. 

I will appreciate tell me your thoughts about these recipes.

Loderr Tyrr Maestro 99/Iss Swoed Muse 99/80/80

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Believe me, this only will eat room in your craftbook with a junk pile recipes. These lv1 mats dont drop anymore as they used to drop, and you can buy them straightly from the dorf npc on the road to giran's warehouse.

You should to work to complete the recipes from lv3 and above.

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I know that these recipes are not worth anymore. Cause i was an old player i change years ago the old materials, so i get many of Lv.1 mats. Now i realize that all these are useless. I think that material and recipes system need a lot of improvments. Maestros are not usefull like years ago, they do low damage as tyrrs and nerfing of crafting system make them rare at high levels.

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