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Spoil Rates

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I started playing yesterday.
I'm lvling up a Spoiler and i'd like to know if it is worth a spoiler to make extra adena?

I read a lot negative comments about spoil rates.

Spoiling used to be the best way to make adena. What else you guys suggest?


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spoil = shit. 


my party only have a spoil because we need a lot stuff ( craft for our 15 char -+ ) and need rec and armors parts. 


but, looking other oficial servers, like in catacombs or necropolis, we spoil 30 ~40 an. bones, coal those basic mats, and on NA we like spoil 6 ~10. 


look, like, mobs with 50% do spoil mats, we spoil like 100 mobs, activated spoil and get nothing in about 80%. Dont waste your time doing Spoil. 

Mate  buffer + Dancer + DD.  U need kill fast 2 or 3 hits on green mobs. and try make extra EXP or SP on raids bosses. All raids bosses die all day, so just go KS on bosses and kill somes green mobs. 

Archer ( dark elf), tyrant, tita, elemental summoner are good classes to easy EXP and better profit. 

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