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I got dark set+10 and dark thrower+12 my attack atribbute comes up to 600 and i got 85 dex and 130 str i want to know how i can deal more pve dmg with a pvp weapon like solo kamaloka etc, it is with a pve cloak+7-10 to do good pve dmg, also what else i could add to improve pve dmg even if i have a pvp weapon?

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Bloody Rune 2h / 30 day

PVE cloak +15 with decent augments

+5% PVE dmg augment on Circlet

enchant skill - Forgotten Power Physical Attack - this gives overall dmg boost

Get - Taurus Agathion good both for pvp/pve

Use Faction Talismans when you are xping/farming in certain zones

Subscribe to Prestige pack, Eva's Rune gives 20% cd reduction good both for pvp/pve

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