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  1. Server Boost Settings For three weeks, we’re turning on all the boost settings! There will be a global +100% Adena and Drop boost, 0 Augmentation Removal Fee, free teleports, no XP Loss Upon Death, and more. Do we get XP BOOST, or only adena/drop ?? Thank you!
  2. Same problem, go the prestige pack serial code on the website, used it and I saw all the items in the Dimensional Merchant. Tried to take them, but for some of them I was getting a message - Due to a system error, the product inventory cannot be used … ( items I could not take were - BEAR/Eva's Rune/Hero coins/Prestige cube ) On the next day I went back to the Dimensional Merchant and all items were missing from it. I have opened a ticked and there, I was advised to use - "CHECK FILES" = which logically will never help you with such problem!
  3. Server down?

    @Hime, Salutations! We have lag on Live servers, all the time! Last server maintenance something went terribly wrong! Lag, game freezes, disconnects. Previously we had lag on every round hour, now it is every 5-15 min! Please give us more information, why is that happening?
  4. Today morning the lag is even worse, it seems something went terribly wrong last maintenance! Many people are experiencing random disconnects! After investigating, what do you think is the reason, you need to update your hardware, software, use different servers? Please let us know what is going on?
  5. Prelude to War

    Our update is well delayed.. who knows what we get really

    Before you post maybe read forum and check if servers are up X_X: https://l2.laby.fr/status/ Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 9 hours.
  7. Me and many others just hope, you will be able to resolve some of the problems occurring already for many many months. SS lag, huge random lag spikes - where you are lagged for 10-12-15 min and in 99% of the cases you need to restart the client. It is annoying playing with friends, having fun and BAM.. all those problems together
  8. Tyrr Doombringer Setup PVE

    Hello, my advice is to get asap to 99 lvl, so you can just get R99 gear, that way you are not going to lose money on some useless items, which you will not be able to sell later. If you are active, try to find a small PVE clan for start, people will help you xp, give you tips and info. Also take care, do not trade items to anyone, nowadays it is full of scammers, who will tell you they will enchant your gear etc etc .. don't give adena/items to randoms. gl//hf
  9. Option to disable PvP

    I have done my fair share of macro farming the Faction quests as yul, but I am never away from pc for more than 2-3 min, I never macro fully afk! My macro is full aoe with single target skills supporting my DMG, but since I am never away I always use a full dps macro which ofc is not safe if fully afk. I was tested 4 times, PK force scammers tried to make me PK, but they had no success! Last time I was sitting on PC watching them struggle for 50 min, at the end I just killed em all it was fun. I have 100++ pvp's or even more from Killing such scammers in EV/GC/Refinery/HB for the last year.
  10. Lag, delay, freeze on the last Olympiad Weekend before an emergency Maintenance after the server restart, lag free! We really hope you will get a fix for that from the DEV's in Korea ASAP, because in some random moments a lag spike is a game changer!
  11. Every hour, when we get the huge server lag, you can flag, do a fast relog and LOG FLAGGED AGAIN this is something I see for the first time, today happened twice for me! Really annoying.. If you kill someone and you do not want to kill him more in order not to open a war, fast relog will not deflag you, if server is lagged hard!
  12. Insane SS lag = Tons of lost baits while fishing = A lot of NCcoin/Adena/Money Lost = FRUSTRATION TO ALL PLAYERS If you are planning on fishing, just remember what I have said!
  13. @Yidao, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with with PVP/PK, players killing each other, having drama on server, bullying, harassment .. the problem is when the arrogant guy is doing that for free, no drop for such guy = free ticket.. he does not care anymore if someone can kill and take/brake his items! New Cursed Sword system is another topic, which has nothing to do with the free ticket for many players, who should face the consequences for their actions. That is why I urge Juji to do the right thing!
  14. Eva's Templar Change race to Orc or Dwarf?

    Best race is the one you enjoy playing, tanking ability depends on your playstyle, items, skill enchants, party members, monster kill speed, healer ability to sustain .. So, my advice is - play the race you enjoy!
  15. I take my words back … On Naia server there are so many ignorant and arrogant players, who will be out of control, if there is no item drop/brake penalty for PK. Yesterday there was an example of that. A player pking a clan mate and telling to other party members to kick him, they did not kick him, so he started PKing them too.. luckily a strong yul was passing by and killed him. The arrogant guy lost items. Such players will just run around and pk all server for no reason, just because they have tons of adena and close to infinite amount of the stupid PK/Karma scrolls! @Juji, PLEASE take care of the macro loopers, get us Fafurion update with the new macro system so they don't cry/quit when drop items, BUT KEEP THE penalty for the arrogant selfish ones. If they are not afraid of losing gear, it will be total chaos, impact on server will be huge.
  16. To Be Honest, just add this to our servers as soon as possible, I am hunting force PK scammers on NAIA every day. Things are going out of control now, since some of them know how to force others PK really fast. They have some pretty efficient way of doing it. I am getting pm's all the time to go and kill such people. ADD THIS FEATURE SO THE SCAMMING WILL STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Scammers are selling top tier items everyday!!!! just add this These stupid scammers are making many ppl quit and create huge problems, you should act fast, this is really serious!!!
  17. A party of 7 ppl, with boost for which we payed, using expensive consumables, but NO SOULSHOTS. All server with boosts, etc etc, all paying for xp, but we play with no SS .. it is not serious and it is getting rly annoying Is there any fix coming? Please let us know! IF YOU CANT GET FIX, BRING THE LOVE POTION back, so we atleast get normal dmg!
  18. Just fix the macros and targeting system so players can not abuse it. It is always stupid when someone drops gear. But the worst will be if players will not get any kind of penalty if PK, it means many will run around and bully the hell out of the weaker clans. This is a fix for a problem, which creates another problem, not a good idea! Give us Fafurion update already with the new macro/target system and make sure it will work properly!!!! Sin eater was much better mechanic than these stupid scrolls we have now!
  19. SS BUG

    yes 3 hits with SS, 25 without .. rly working as it should it is so annoying already, crazy ..
  20. SS BUG

    fix the SS lag already, atm It is crazy.. impossible to play
  21. @Irub, do you understand we had love potions ( double p/m atk, perma BR ) + the xp boost event, which was already insane for xp .. +++ we had a 200% xp Rune 7 days for free!! So why do you complain ? Now we will get some runes/xp boost items, which is also good enough for many ppl, who are trying to get their level up.
  22. @Hime, good day and thank you for your post. We have some huge server lag spikes recently, any information about that? When are we going to get info on Fafurion update, patch notes and release date? Please can we get the them earlier this time. Last 2 updates we get patch notes 1 day before update or even full edited info few days after the update, which is rly bad in my opinion! Thanks
  23. Wasting boosts

    The worst thing is servers get lagged and I have noticed we start to get a lot less drops, can you imagine how many drops we miss .. lets call that drop lag Just observe the drop rate/chance in the first 3 days after maintenance, I get most of the drops then! After that you have even long periods of time when you get almost no drops! 10-15 min is fine, 10-15 min noting, when you stack that for 3-4 days =
  24. Bring Back XP Boost

    Thank you for listening to the community!