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Hi guys I started to first play lineage 2 original game when it first came out and only played for a few months made a silver ranger now that game is much different then what I remembered and saw that there is a L2 classic so I was hoping I’d catch some of that nostalgic feel.  Any tips on where I could make some money to gear up? Or if there is a certain class I should play first that I can make money on before I start my main class?

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To only play one class you will not make some money to gearing up. Best thing is, if you want an easy way. Get a second account and make a lvl 20 Artisan for the materials craft shop. In this way, you will earn money by not doing much just by setting up a crafter shop as passive. Just to have a lvl 20 Artisan with level 2 crafts, you can earn up to 1kk weekly, depends of the demands. Other classes who making loads of drops to sell are warlord and as well a scavenger/spoiler for materials. Wish you good luck!

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