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Weapons for new heroes?


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Okay I played Lineage 2 since the C3 days and well ever since I remember there were quests for starter weapons. Or at least recipes and such. 

In this server, I'm running lvl 20 that I made in ~15 minutes in D-Grade armor and no sword/shield or anything of the sort. Thank God I had a Cestus drop which I put on my nuker because it had more M.Atk than the starter weapons. 

What happened to the weapon quests? Things like Sword of Solidarity etc? How are we supposed to obtain no grade weapons that are better than the starter weapons? Am I missing something? The only quests that I have available are one for fishing rod and others to just slay monsters. But it takes forever to slay one monster. I burn more soulshots to kill them than I am gaining back and I fight green and white mobs, nothing yellow or red. 

Why are all the quests gone in this sever? :o

Can't imagine if I wanted to make an archer. Good luck obtaining a bow as a rookie.

Also is there a drops database for classic? Something like pmfun back in the day? As it currently stands I don't know what to spoil or kill for materials. 

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Yeah but what if I don't get to level 40 in those 30 days? Back to starter weapons? :D 

Also tanks will have NO shield whatsoever unless they get a lucky drop. Luckily my old character had a leather shield, which thankfully I'm going to use for shield stun.

I think this is pretty poorly thought out. 

Can't imagine another MMO where you are supposed to get a time-gated item to level up and if you don't level up you are quite literally bleepED. In a game that's so much very dependent on gear. 

Thanks for the information regardless. It's not your fault NC is screwing around.

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As far as I understand, it will be much worse before it gets any better. :)

I am not really there yet, but read through some threads. If you play casually your adena will not be enough to maintain your shot consumption above C grade, so you will loose money instead of earning for a while. I would advise to use that no grade dual sls with C level stats as much as possible, since farming with that will let you do it shotless in a lot of places, and even if you use shots no grade is cheap.

Many people suggest to AFK fishing with 20+ chars and sell the rewards.

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