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How to get r99 set?


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Hello to all the mute, I apologize if this topic does not correspond to this section or if this question was already made and answered.
After many years I decided to play again on the chronos server, I started from 0 and I currently have a 98 level tyrr doombringer whose dual level is 95.
I think my understanding of the game is enough to cover the basics, but being close to level 99 and never having risen so much, I find that I have no idea how to get the r99 set beyond action house and much less understand how people manage that amount of adena. My question is this, how do I get a set r99 and a weapon? Where do I start? In what way do I start?
I ask that if you are going to post ironic responses such as "dropping", "crafting" "buying", limit yourself, those vague ideas have already crossed my mind, if I could or knew how to do some of that, I would not be doing this post.
Thank you very much in advance, and have a nice day.

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before update people usually farm Adventurer faction quest and sell gemstone powder for their funds to buy r99 or any items they want, its tedious and long but its free 

now I am not sure but if u can box several toons u might wanna check Pavel Ruins coz alot of bots there to farm adena and its for lvl85 so u can make new toon in 20mins to 85 with new quest in gludio 

also Refinery Core but its tougher and not sure about the adena drops there now its for lvl99-101

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if u dont have twilight or r95 u can take it from ur subclass lvl 40

reset subclass u get 1 set paulina twilight permanently its still ok to farm with it till u got ur goal

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