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List of places that pay atleast soulshot use

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I'm lv79, it takes 22.9kkk xp to level to 80.

At this point its going to be ultra slow, yes I macro but prob 16 hours a day and I watch it.

We make about 5kk in adena and another 15kk in mats/drops. Only one of our characters uses SSC.

Now if you're lower level, the 100% best way to level is through RBs.

If you're looking to make adena and level, the 100% best way is to grind with no SS. 

That's how the game is atm, deal with it... I made a small macro party to run while I played my main party ..watching both...

1-19 elven ruins

20-24 abandoned camp

24 - 40 forgotten temple

Prob made 10kk total from all drops etc...

I stopped at 40, you can't grind in cruma etc too many pkers and the normal solo/party zones are filled with adrenaline fueled summoners taking most of the monsters. Again best way is RBs, I don't feel like moving my little party all around so they're stuck at 40 for now.


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