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Constant verification


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Hello All!

When I started to play here, I used my main e-mail address to create an account, however since my IP seems dynamic I need to do constant verifications when I log in each day.

This is a problem for me, since my main e-mail address is spammed each day with all these useless verification codes, and also a bit time consuming to log-check-copy-paste for several alts.

I have 2 idea to solve this, but I am not sure how to do any of them, so some help would be appreciated:

- Disable the IP verification process, I tried to find how to do this but no luck so far.

- I create a new e-mail for my main account, and then switch from my normal mail address to this new one. But I do not see the option to switch e-mail either on the account panel.


Any idea? 

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