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teleports to pvp-zones


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Hi! Since we all around have a lot questions how exactly works My Teleports \ belief of exalted for pvp-zones, can you provide us such info?

It still isnt obvious to the end - is possibility of jumping with full skills \ relog with full skills after jump in middle of pvp zones -  bug , what is deeply using nowdays, or is some feature of game?

That  makes some confusions around. I

If that is feature, so maybe time to make all pvp-zones free to port? Like Fafurion\Valakas\etc (even Kelbim, why not?)
or what the difference between all that kinds of zones? 

If porting inside pvp zones is bug - may we ask about fixing it?  If feature - where else we can save my teleports also in such not-common zones? 

PS: We cannt now teleport between towns on siege time, but have teleports inside certain pvp-zones, like Orfen Nest
or Cursed Weapon's Treasure Chests.  Why not straight to casting room? :D

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