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A few questions


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1) Are full item drops from normal mobs still in game?

2) Any clans on Chronos at all interested in char lvl 99, PVE focus mainly (used to be in HoundOfHeart, LegionOfDivinity ally way back when, left game because of work/life related issues).

3) Any chance/strategies to retaliate against PKrs while using Paulina's set at that lvl? Or it just not gonna happen?  :P

Playing titan, solo. Don't use macros, always live and doing all the clicking myself, because i am of the mindset if you play a game, then you should actually PLAY the game.

Thank you for your time and have fun.

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1) Yes, very low chances and not any of the worthwhile stuff. R99 is probably the most you can hope for and you'll probably never come across it, especially if you refuse to macro.

2) Dunno. I've seen shouts about Unity recruiting lv100+ toons of any class.

3) As you said, it is improbable.

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