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WTF? is this the way to end this game after all these years?


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Been playing since beta.  Im old. yes. 

FIRST it was a party game to get ahead and collect all mats needed but not anymore. great. than all made own buffers healers and the game was sorta like a solo with buffers in party type game. with party's as well. than it became a solo game than back to party game now a macro and sit want watch type game.  wtf is going on. now ALL solo AFK MACRO!!!!   and NOW  these stupid quests that you need to kill 1million mobs.  so yea.  sit there and watch and let your game play over night.  oh and dont do it during the 4 days that the swords are out because it will not last. just sit around and wait until they leave and than start it up.  YES wait, let me set my alarm to just run back to L2 and start my quest. LOL LAME. or let me move to the time zone that the swords are out while im sleeping. yes that can work.  WTB plane tickets. LOL  ok than the PK system.DUMB!  i want this area while he is afk macroing.  PK take a scroll and and now my spot. see ya when you wake up. lol  ok so now i Have to sit and wait to log in?  to a 20 year old game?  SERIOUS??  Just end the game.  take it off line.  your fixing it great! yes I will sit an wait.  ok I can log in now. but now it is time to leave my home.  ops I guess not playing today. END THE GAME.  crazy.  but I had to rant.  ok Im out.  sorry for the spam and alot more i want to say but dont have the time.  and who wants to hear it anyway. LOL

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I don't think this is how the game ends lol

personally I think they put dragon weaps or armor on L2store for 100k ncoins each, and after the event they close the servers...that's how I see it ending

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