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  1. NCsoft you are probably one of the worst gaming companies around. Your customer service is complete crap. Your "dev team" cant keep a 15 yr old game running. Your community admins @Juji, @Hime cant or wont communicate with the community. There has to be some kind of BBB or gaming union we can report NCscam to and get them shut down until they fix their crap.
  2. I could upload it to youtube where the world could see, and I could post the link here in the forums...they didn't specify you aren't a GM so im not sure why you are trying to interpret what they said btw noob, they have the option to upload screenshots and videos in the report ticket
  3. or maybe the GM's should do their job your ignorance is why this game has gone downhill over the years
  4. I was actually encouraged by GM's to post a video of a bot, and they didn't say where to (or not to) post it...I should post the vid here on the forums, check this... If you still wish to provide the video, you may upload it online and provide us the link through your reply.If you have any other concerns, kindly let us know.Regards, Mako NCSOFT Support Team
  5. might as well play console, its less expensive than this online single player pay4scam casino game they call L2 not sure why you are acting surprised now, and not 4-5 "L2 store events" ago
  6. whats a directed? the only thing obvious is you missed English class
  7. are you trying to tell dev's how to do their job? what made you a game specialist? spending years in front of the computer while your mom pays the bills doesn't count...not to mention, they never listen to you nerdz anyways, even after you spend hundreds of real $ per month.....jajajajaja btw, there were way more clients logged in during c1-2 and there was never any "performance issues", now its 2019 and over half the content of the game is empty "performance issues" are caused by bot programs, they corrupt game data
  8. umm, maybe you should assist yourself and go play on a EU server instead of NA server
  9. umm...every1 does that anyways, not sure why you still "lolz" about it, its not even funny
  10. new player

    there is barely any community at all, as you can see by all the replies to your post not sure how you found lineage 2, but you should turn around and go the other way unless you like alt+tabbing to your party members or "friends"
  11. duh, because your version is a pay4scam casino game...you should be able to play a game and progress, not pay the game to progress
  12. that's not a bug, since vanguard buffs are frenzied and your auto re-use buffs are regular buffs....it was like that before the update you gotta make a buff macro if you are going to use vanguard
  13. yea, how bout the audio turned on bug when you login, even tho you have audio muted checked in options or the clan warehouse bug that says "failed to store item" then the next sentence after is "successfully stored item" or the bug that lets a lvl 99 player kill a lvl 105 player because the 99 spent more real $ in the NCstore? oh nvm, that's just part of this failed game
  14. and still after these unwanted game-ruining updates, devs allow cursed swords and griefing perma-pker's to ruin the game too....cool game, bro
  15. Poll for Devs

    I doubt it, since they had the service years ago and they never put it back in despite how many wanted it.