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  1. Poll for Devs

    I doubt it, since they had the service years ago and they never put it back in despite how many wanted it.
  2. Poll for Devs

    Hey guys @Juji & @Hime, This poll is created by the players, for the players, and directed to the Devs/GM's. In my opinion, and probably several others, the Devs/GM's don't seem to care what the players want. However, this is kind of a big deal and it would be great if you could pass it along and maybe have the service implemented in the near future. POLL: Would you like to have a dual-to-main class change service available for purchase in the L2store? 1= YES , 2= NO 1+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  3. It's time

    uhh the game has been out for 15 years, that's long term the game has been around that long and its still attracting new players like you
  4. I don't think this is how the game ends lol personally I think they put dragon weaps or armor on L2store for 100k ncoins each, and after the event they close the servers...that's how I see it ending
  5. Thanks. You WIN.

    sounds like maybe you need to take a break from game and go get a job maybe you will have some $ and it will be more enjoyable for you just suggestion, goodluck bro
  6. 20 min to login to play for 20 min ???

    its just a game bro, calm down btw its free2play, so im not sure what you crying about games have probs and at least they are doing something to try and fix it...personally I think its you players who ruined it, and now you mad that your little plan backfired hahahaha
  7. Really? you played since 2005, and you always read the forums? I remember seeing that you only have 10 forum posts over 14 years you must be 1 of the players who submitted fake lag reports "OMG"
  8. no, I live in the USA with perfect internet and my characters logged in 24/7 no lag and no waiting in line I don't believe you, every1 knows you don't have friends....
  9. @Juji & @Hime not sure what you guys did to the server, but it caused more problems than the 0 problems I had before when I reset the dual class of my iss, I lost his enchanter cloak...it just disappeared
  10. umm, the server was "flying" with the ranking system in....myself and a lot of other never experienced the so-called lag you other kids are crying about if its a server-wide system, and only some of the people are lagging, how can it possibly make sense that its causing you to lag while im sitting there with multiple boxes in a populated area not lagging at all?
  11. and I was saying ban all the actual bots for years, but it still hasn't happened.... btw, if the ranking system was causing lag it would make every player lag...and not every player was lagging lol just more silly stuff
  12. umm I never said 1 or 5 ppl, I said some are supposedly lagging and some are not lagging at all....geez since you asked me a question ill give my opinion...I don't think the lag is a problem for any1 actually, I think it was just some crap started by top clans to submit a bunch of false lag reports in order to get the ranking system rolled back
  13. I tried to offer suggestion, like maybe trying on a server more local to where you live and see if you lag or not...but you kids don't want to listen also I pointed out that if only some people are lagging and other are not lagging, then it cant be a server issue so here is another suggestion, maybe check your internet and reset your router...but it seems the lag issue went away and now is just a login issue.....weird cheerio m8
  14. ummmmm, they added the server login limit....so they are already aware people have to wait to login don't waste their time with more false reports, in case you already forgot, they added the server login limit because of false lag reports
  15. sounds like you have internet connection problem friend I have been logged in over 24 hours and 0 d/c, and already used up 2 sets of GM buffs 12 hour b-day vitality buff....so the buffs in FI again would be nice