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  1. also, its $5 per character and not giftable....nice 16th anniversary scam. most companies would be happy if ppl put up with their crap for more than a year, but no you want to charge ppl even when you cant fix the server or implement a simple update
  2. hahaha I agree, NCSOFT always trying to leech more $ from customers and they cant even do their job correctly you know the game is bad when a solo player gets more exp in blazing swamp than a party player in pr or ev…..per mob, and kills are obvi faster in bs gj NCSOFT, screw up the server even more with a crap update, and then charge your customers for their compenstation hahahahaha
  3. how do you not know the game issues? have you not logged in recently? you didn't verify the correct patch? well for 1 issues, the exp is extremely low...like lower than normal server settings and also, the clan quests give only 1 vitality tonic and only 280 points, instead of 2 vitality tonics and 560 points
  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii girl...………. I got a hot fix for yo cold case, girl......what up let me slide up in that DM or hit me up on naia…………..holla @ yo BOY
  5. duh kid, that's exactly what I just said...they are going to charge you for vitality hahahahaha im really surprised at the disconnect between korea and our servers....or the devs/admins here are just really really bad at their jobs
  6. because they are going to charge you 1 ncoin for a 7-day rune in about a week
  7. well, you just go to the recipe merchant and buy them after reading thru this year old thread you actually wanted to create a crafter as your first character choice in a new-to-you game?
  8. well, they did not take any money from you.....you donated your $, obviously user error on your part for not knowing but yea im quite surprised myself to login after weeks to a new update only to realize this update really screwed up the game so if you are a new player and you run your 7-day rune, get up to 103, run out of vitality and get 0 drops....literal 0 adena, 0 items and never progress with this low xp 0 drops scenario you screwed up the attendance rewards too, now players who had to take off some time will never get this era rewards, instead we get rewards from 6 years
  9. no they cant, the dgaf about you or any1 in this community advice bro, stop worrying about 100% xp and worry bout finding a new game this game is crap now with the only quests being kill 40k + monsters in your crap gear no party content, grinding for years for levels only to get 1 shotted buy some kid 10 levels below you that started yesterday and paid $500 for gear this game is completely pointless, only people left are the slave2game kidz that paid2play
  10. you underestimate the addiction of the slave2game kidz….they are buying vitality packs when they are lagging so hard they can barely play to use them these slave2game kidz paid for artifact event during a different "compensation for lag event" we had a while back, and also paid for vitality packs during that compensation event NCscam doesn't need to do anything and these slave2game kidz will always be there giving this crap gaming company $$ for nothing
  11. Those improvements are not coming until the next update, you non-English reading fool. Tomorrow is just another maintenance day, they reset the servers and probably add/remove some "lag or latency" related thing. This dumb NCscam puts an exp event in as compensation for lag when they have not fixed "the lag" and adds items to sell you during this compensation event. You really expect something from them? hahahaha, kid you are delusional
  12. Fix the lag = ban the bots. Bots programs actually hack the game, if you didn't know that. Dumb NCscam don't care about the bots or the players, they just want your money. Like this "compensation exp boost event" where they are selling you vitality packs lol...How it feels to pay for your own compenstation? Also, if you are from a different country other than NA, you are trying to send and receive data from half way across the world....Probably better if you play on a server more near to where you live.
  13. Well, you are wrong about the player base. The kids who are complaining about lag and threatening to cancel subs are currently buying the promo big vitality packs. These kids are slaves to the game, and NCscam fully takes advantage of it.
  14. We play on NA server, we should not have to check other countries updates to see what is happening in our country. If you don't know what people mean, then why are you even responding? Go back to EU
  15. I wonder if these incompetent "developers" and "GM's" have logged into the game recently. The game is barely playable until you get 105+ because every player is stacked on top of each other in the same areas because you incompetent devs can not create content. It's not because of lag. Also, why the hell would you ban some1 for what they say, but NOT ban people who actually cheat using bots and 3rd party programs? What a piece of crap gaming company ruining a good game.
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