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Profecy of Fire - Ninja Update?

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@Juji Did this get changed in error? The buff is useless to most classes when compared to every other prophecy.

The tooltip for the skill still reads the old description, and Fish Pots for Prophecy of Fire still provide the old description. It's just the actual buff that's really watered down.

Currently Prophecy of Fire gives:

A Party Member's Max HP +10%, HP Recovery Bonus +10%, P. Atk +10%, Pd. Def +10%, Atk Spd +5% and Debuff Resistance +10%.

Old Prophecy of Fire gave:

Max HP +10%, HP recovery Bonus +10%, P./M. Def +10%, Atk. Spd/Casting Spd. +10%, P./M. Critical Rate +25%, PvE Damage +15%, Debuff Resistance +10%

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