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I play on the Aden server of L2 classic NA.  It is always, always, light in traffic volume.  The market in Giran is so empty basic mats are hard to find, much less any fabrics or items needed to craft any upper level gear, spellbooks and ...well...everything...is in demand for the players and clans left on the server.  In the beginning of the game being re-released...this server was full, as full as could be.  But the early days of server and game launch is over and it's more than a suggestion, but the aden server NEEDS to merge with another server or two.  

This lack of population may not sound like a huge ordeal, but it severely impacts game play once a character gets so far. The need for crafters and active people is a must, and when there are so few it's actually hard to play the game, it takes weeks to find mats that used to be able to found in Giran in an hour or two of trying. This has always been the case for as long as I've played lineage 2...  (SINCE C2!)  I love the game, but it's hard to play when the populations are really low.  

Take a vote, do what you have to do NCSOFT!  BUT PLEASE.... merge the Aden server with the other light server, the Gludio one. It needs to happen so clans and players have better access to a market. Thank you!


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