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Its been 5 yearts last time I played. And I just lugged in and in a few hopurs LVL 95 LOL ok thats new.


So now...What are the dailys that I should be doing? I am lvl 95 right now i know I need to lvl up but i wanna enjoy the game as well. Thanks

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Hi Adan, and welcome back. Switch to your Main class and take the Quest from " Tarti" in Gludio . This will help you go 99 in No time and give you some useful equipment. As soon as you finish the chain Quest, speak to NPC in Aden ( to take Dual Class ) . You will receive more items upon completion. Also the journey for both these Chain Quests is pretty good. ( When you start the Dual class quest you will recieve full equipment for your dual, so make a wise decision - Maybe try to select a dual that shares equipment with your main ) . 

Have fun :)

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