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I finally got to 58 and started farming 60 mobs and the drop rate has been very noticeably different.

I farmed in Fields of Massacre - Doom Servant, Graveyard Predator, Dismal Pole. They all have various gear parts like full plate and some b-grade. Stuff was practically raining down the sky from what I have been used to all this time. I have a pile of various parts from just one day of farming. Meanwhile I hardly could get any d-grade stuff to drop up to now. I have gotten about 9 various full plate parts including 3 full plate armor temper which still has value. It's hard to imagine this zone and mobs is some exception. I was farming Unicorns in EV just prior. Couple days of farming netted me just ONE full plate armor temper and also near the entrance of DV on my spoiler. Not ONE SINGLE top c weapon part has yet to drop for me. Yaksa, Deadman's etc. Not a single damn one when I have been farming all the mobs that have them in their loot table. I come to Massacre and 2 shot these mobs and now I get all this stuff to drop? 

Second day of doing the Shilen daily and I already got a Great Pata blade to drop, b-grade. Whole week of farming DV on my spoiler and I got the captain to spoil ONCE and it was a raid sword blade and some bec de corbins? These are just mid-c. I can already see it coming that it's probably easier to farm a b-grade spirit's staff over a c-grade deadman's. I briefly tried Thunder Wyrms in DV and of course nothing. 

There seems to be some cutoff at 55. Although there is overlap between Cemetary and Fields of Massacre at 55, there appears to be quite a difference in terms of xp/sp/adena/drop. Let's say L2wiki is not official. The loot table is mostly the same, but the recorded drop/spoil rate does seem to be different. 

Can you tell us anything at all? All the complaints about drops are early levels pre-60. I farmed Fields of Massacre and made 1 mil in a day. I've been agonizing at lower levels all this time and the solution simply seems to be to level fast 60+. Is this intended? 

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Just a thought, but since there is no grade penalty, there is rationale for nerfing drop rates just about from 55 since it allows you to farm far easier than it was originally designed. Notice the weapon from the high grade starter pack has a lvl 54 restriction that is not applicable to NA Classic. In other regions/versions that weapon was only usable from lvl 54 and imagine how overpowered being able to use those weapons before that as everyone has been doing in NA. It would not be fair to give normal drop rates if players are allowed to use gear not originally intended for those levels. 

NCWest has never made an official statement other than "it's fine", but I have definitely noticed something odd about rates having explored different zones and even leveled my own spoiler. Could it be "fine" given the context? If my speculation is correct, I can understand to an extent, although I don't entirely agree with how they handle it. XP is still retained low to give incentive for buying xp boosts, but it has also let a lot of honest players hang dry without notice. What if some players enjoy low rate and take time at early levels? Yet a game as this is not fun if drop rates are kept so low that it turns from challenging to simply not fun. 

If they designed this game to be rushed to end game, as I have theorized all along, then give us some sort of a hint or anything at all so we don't waste time meandering in lower levels. 

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