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Gearing question


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Hey all!

I need help with what to buy next for my Yul. It's 103 GS and so far I have:

+10 Bloody Bow Fire/Speed Fire,

+8 Bloody Leather set,

Longing, Talisman Abundance - Hunter, Venir Stage 8

Ruby 3, Opal 3, Red Cat's Eye 4, Emerald 2

Soul Baium Ring, Creation Ring, Octavis warrior necklace, Blessed Zaken, Enchanced Octavis Warrior earring

Noble Authority +3


Gustav Belt


What should I focus on replacing/buying right now?

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buy abundance 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 all depends on your budget atm will be cheaper because of the event

buy cheap Taurus agathion will be cheaper because of the event - self br is always good

basically you need to change all jewels you have, start with buying tauti ring cheapest if the bunch

buy elmore cloak atleast +10 with 1 augment, ofc you need +15 with 2 augments

try to get artifact book lvl 2 and even non enchanted artifacts in order for you to get the lvl 2 buff from the book 

take your time don't rush it, learn the market and be smart with events 


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