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quest Little Wing (ayuda)


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Hi, you can advise me since I got stuck in step 6.3.2.
6. Talk to the Drake or the Wyrm you've chosen in the dialogue with the Fairy:
3. Drake Kalibran
2. Go to the Death Pass, kill Road Scavenger mobs until you have the Egg of Drake Kalibran Egg of Drake Kalibran - 20 pcs.
he could not find the 20 eggs and want to finish

help me please!!!

Hola, puedes aconsejarme ya que me quedé atrapado en el paso 6.3.2.
6. Habla con el Drake o el Wyrm que has elegido en el diálogo con el Hada:
3. Drake Kalibran
2. Ve al Death Pass, mata a los mobs de Road Scavenger hasta que tengas el Egg of Drake Kalibran Egg de Drake Kalibran - 20 pcs.
no pudo encontrar los 20 huevos y quiero terminar

¡¡¡ayudame por favor!!!


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Road Scavengers are the correct monsters to kill for Drake Kalibran. But the quest item acquisistion rate is not 1/1. If I remember correctly it's more like 1 Egg out of 5 Road Scavengers killed. And you must have the Scale of Drake Kalibran in your Quest Inventory to get any Eggs at all:


If you don't have that, try logging out and talk to Kalibran again. If you still don't get the Scale, you could either submit a ticket with Support, or cancel the quest and start with Pet Manager Cooper in Giran again. But then you will need all the materials for the Fairy Stone again and run the risk of getting stuck just like now. Support is the better solution. Best send them an e-mail to this address:

There you can also attach screenshots and a link to this my post.

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