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how to setup box? heals & buffs?


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Greetings !

So my main character is a hawkeye and I currently have 2 boxes, pp and wc (ALL AROUND LEVEL 40) but I cant use them effectively....questions are:

1. Is it possible to setup your pp box to heal + buff + auto attack? or is it only one of the three options

2. if possible to do so how do you set it up? i.e macro commands

3.My hawkeye archer is the one dealing damage but I have noticed when I kill the target fairly quick it just doesn't pick up the loot because the dead target is too far and it just skips into  the next target, any way around this? 

Thanks !

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I try to help, but I am not an expert.

1+2. No. At least not easy to setup this perfectly.

Here are a few things which you can try: You have 12 slot in a macro and with a rightclick you can set it up in "rotation"

For PP:

/target hawkeye   /heal   /heal /buff1  /buff2   /assist   /attack    /delay 10    /target hawkeye   /assist    /attack     /delay 10

For WC

/buff 1 /buff 2 ... /buff 9 /attack /delay 1140

This way you can get 2heal 2buff from pp (berserk, BTB) while it even try to attack/assist, but you need to setup the delay time to an amount which let you regenerate your mana. and be in balance. The WC will just use buffs in every 19min.


Also, I am not sure if using clicker mouse macros are against rules or not, but if you have such a mouse or software you can try to create multiple different macros and then a master macro which click on each of them at regular intervals. But first you should get a confirmation if this is against the rules or not.


3. You need to be in range. Try to create a macro and pull it to the "attack icon" in the autofarm window. The macro can contain something like /attack /delay 4 /attack /delay 3 /pick up.

This way you may first kill the mob, then start to run to its corpse for 3sec, and then attempt to pick up. FYI, it may slow down your total progress.


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