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Cruma Tower Quests


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I am unable to complete some of the quests in this chain.

Nikola has the red scroll above him, but when I click quest in his chat, it just says I’ve already completed the quest.

I know I haven’t finished Art of Persuasion, Nikola’s Heart or Lost Dreams yet.

The quest seemed all done after finishing Empty Ending quest.

Also, the alarm entry chat was all empty, so I couldn’t enter the 3196 password for one part of the quest either and had to wait until the two minutes were up.

I just want to do all the quests, please help. Thanks.

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Those Cruma Tower quests are not really a chain, but a network. At the end of the first quest, "Relic Exploration", you click either on "I am not asking you to help me for free" or on "How long are you two going to fight?". In the first case you get set on the "Contract" line, which makes it impossible for you to do "Nikola's Heart" and its sequel, "Lost Dream". In the second case you get started on the "Consideration" line, where you can not do "Contract Execution" and "Contract Completion". After the first quest in both the "Contract" and "Consideration" line you have the option to either keep or destroy Loraine's Certificate. In the latter case, if you destroy the Certificate, you get set on the "Seal Removal" -> "Empty Ending" line, but you can't do the other two lines any more. From what you write about finishing the "Empty Ending" quest, that seems to be the path you have chosen. Those are all one-time quests, so if you want to explore the other story lines, you must do them on new characters.

As to the alarm entry chat being empty, that seems to be a true bug. There should be an elaborate "keypad" entering method.

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