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Is it me or I feel SEER got double BOOSTED in their M.Attack?!

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Is it me or I feel SEER got double BOOSTED in their M.Attack?!

Seriously, my Lv.106 SEER had barely 225k m.atk on normal buff without any BR or special toggle...  that was only 2 weeks ago... then last week i noticed M.atk went up to 300k+... and after this wednesday server update, now 485k (with Red Elysium Blessing +30% m.atk but that's only 30%!!) !!  this is not a toggle m.atk., this is just normal buff...

Anyways, i don't have the exact math or whatever, I just feel in general SEER got boosted silently and quietly

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No, there was no m.attack boost for sayha this time.. Maybe you didn't notice that a couple of updates before, the "Squall" skill was boosted with 20% m.attack.

By the way, there were a couple of changes for sayha in this update.. Sayha was boosted but not so much.. And the thing that now some skills require the use of spirit ore is not so good either..

Sayha is pretty good in oly but it needs some more in order to be able to pve imo.. And obviously not only my opinion, because if one is to check rankings, it's easy to see that it's probably one of the most rare toons in the server..

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Actually, I have a sayha and yes, she's not as disgusting by now as she used to be.

The path between 95-101 was pure hell. So much that I created another char and basicaly let her to fish or played only with the dual class.

Anyway, she's almost playable again, but the cost of bssr is still umbearable.

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