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Returning Players - Cannot Get New "Paulina's Twilight Bracelet"


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I reached out to support and they advised me to post on the forum in the hopes that the devs would see this message:


I am a returning player and my character is not able to receive the new "Paulina's Twilight Bracelet" (The one that gives the +1 Bonus to STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN) simply because I could not complete the awakening quest from Tauti in Gludio since I was already awakened with my returning character. 


Please fix this and provide a way for returning players to get this bracelet in game or purchase from the L2Store a "better version" of it.

I am currently waiting to resume playing because I want to start on the same foot with other people.


Thank you for your time and please respond if there will be a solution.



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