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  1. New here have 2 questions

    My pardon, I though you started yesterday...my answer was alike. It depends how much heal you need and party setup...Usually ppl dont need healer in our days, they exp in duo ISS and DD. Long time ago, I use to have a trio party and it was sufficient: Balance, Sustain and Fairy. If its not enough you can add progressive.If that is not enough then you are in the wrong farm area or you need more gear. I would not bother with Tree, some mobs get agro from it. To make your healer follow you have 2 option: /target charname /target charname or /target charname /atack Both work fine.
  2. Best Yul?

    GS is the strogest archer and the only one that matter, always been like that . https://l2wiki.com/Yul_Ghost_Sentinel https://l2wiki.com/Yul_Trickster
  3. New here have 2 questions

    Im confuse...who will give you buffs? 1.anytime but spoil in live version have little chances 2. Aeore is a Healer>>>It is pure healing support, nothing versatile here... he do almost zero damage in pve. Answer is: healing skills...
  4. Test of Fortune Reading event

    Its a bad reward event, nothing good for me eighter I was hopeing for atauti/ wirm ring but nooo I got only crap I Thought Ncsoft did something to my accounts, limited somehow to only bad rewards....since I didnt got anything good from years of events. I realize now they push the minimum investment in event from 50-100 usd to 500-1000 to have a chance for a mid lvl reward and over 5000 usd to have a chance for top reward(5 y ago if you buy event items value 50 usd you had guarantee a mid lvl reward or a usefull one....now you get gemstone and gran kain pots and many other stupid thing). List of rewards should be updated for actual version of game....stop pay for obsolete items. btw @Juji we need 800+ bottles of luminous soul to have a chance to craft, rewarding 1 pcs in event its....oposite of lucrative(to quote somehow Conquero). You know, items belong to new content should be available to mid range players too, atleast lvl 1...it shoudnt be an imposible mission . Work in this direction pls.
  5. Did anyone experience disconects after this maintenance or it is just me? Really annoying... Pls @Juji any update on server transfer?
  6. here event detail https://www.lineage2.com/news/halloween-fortune-reading-game

    A little update, its NcSoft West indeed...I cant imagine how desperate ppl are to farm adena there.....

    Second screen It look more like Innova, they didnt cut the drop and adena in Pavel Ruin so all ppl farm there to get adena. On NcSoft that area is empty....or use to be empty. Ill log later to check.

    Its obvious you dont have knowledge about this game... They are not bots...they are ppl who try to make some adena(yes, you can still make little adena in game). They log as many chars they can/have with quest and take the reward(rune fragments, etc). Dont worry, dimensional will be closed soon
  10. Problem in Auto Next target

    Yes yes, I did some pvp few days ago and i also switch target to PC and didnt work...I didnt target anything lol. Probably I looked like and idiot.
  11. AP Help

    I played some years ISS, I didnt manage to evolve to Prex lvl.... yet here my 50 cents: -Iss is like a multifunctional...ex: can print but is not a high quality printer, you do the job but slower. -Depending on your play style some ISS are better then others: Doomcryer and BD for solo afk macro farm, PP for afk macro support, Sws for live support and Dominator is kinda useless atm...but in next update he will receive POM for clan buffed out of the party-can you imagine all players will have a dominator box and with self buffs bar(iss buffs) for all classes I can say this will be the end of live/main ISS players. -From my experience, to solo farm in areas like Tanor you need minimum equip valuable to 110-120 bil+bound stuff like min+7shirt, min+7pve cloak, min lvl3jewels and +10 faction talismans.(dont argue on this coz I just sold all my items on chronos and moved adena on Naia) -If you dont have equip you have only one option: Knight Tree and focus on HP&Reuse Regarding Prex idea to use skill crit damage setup is interesting, I would love to see how it work.
  12. Computer Problem

    Notebooks are not suited to play games like L2 Notebooks are limited resurces...IM sure you knew that allready. Here explanation: L2 use lot of resurces>>>Notebook get very hot>>>Fans dont manage to evacuate the heat>>>Notebook shutdown for protection. Solution is to buy a PC Even a junk desktop pc dualcore proc/8gbram/medium graphic/SSD will run L2 much better then your Notebook.
  13. News from Korea

    Interesting...I saw new UI for "self buffs" I wonder how it work? What is the purpose for ISS in this condition? Only for POM? Who will invite an ISS in party in this condition? Stormy times will come for this class....
  14. u didnt payed attention Offtopic-also i talked with a Dread in game who have a nikname like you- I wonder if...