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  1. Abuse in SoS

    There is no spots in players property...if you want that spot you have to fight for it. If you cant win then you are in the wrong farm area Try tanor, aligator,fos...
  2. yes, we are waiting for transfer to be open since 1 year... @Juji here a sugestion...if you cant transfer characters mby you can help us transfer items?
  3. Regarding Rare Accessory Spirit Stone ...I dont understand, if you have so many and no use for them why dont you sell them?
  4. Its about perspective, if you 1 shot mobs with both weapons then both weapons have same damage To be honest, there are only 5-10 players and few areas to do a proper test. But if you are naked and "pvp" with mobs in tanor...then yes DW is WoW. Offtopic: 10 y ago weapon was everything.....now its round 30% of toon damage.
  5. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Ban 3 days and they keep the item? Thats a real penalty...
  6. He did answer on this matter in other thread...you just need to follow him.
  7. REPORT WARS sponsored by juji

    That precious moment when Game Master make post with a warning on forum for probably 3-5 players from 6 000 who own this earring. Mastercard
  8. Pve

    I got it, you are an "forced idealist" (that one who is married and his wife hold the money ) Well, im not that old player as you but I have my shared time on this game...round 10y and never rly quit to comeback. I can assure you my items are good enough to solo any area. Its not about me...its about you and ppl like you, who fit perfectly in my post.... Its about that player who give advices confident but dont know much about current stats of game. Burning real money is a personal choice, if you are good at this game, have a lot of free time and play right class you dont need to pay. But as you said it is an old game... Old game>>>old players>>>ppl usualy work>>>less time to grind>>>ppl spend money to compete....and ncsoft give us this option. The real problem, the tragedy is when the redneck have both money and free time to play. Last, free to play after 107 lvl dont exist...if you want progress you have only 2 options: pay or quit. Here last tip for you: cheaters have bots on auto who are monitoring the AH and shops and buy everything under certain value....you cant make adena by doing "market".
  9. Pve

    Bro, its a crazy idea to put the blame on me coz I tell the truth...I did not make the strategy to squeeze money as much as it can from players, NcWest and corean devs did that. You will come to my conclusion very fast...just lvl up try to farm in good areas. In 30 min a toon will come to kill you and take your spot....if your toon are not staked with money you just go to town and do what you like most...admiring architecture . Also try to do instances with a good dps group, if you dont have items they will not invite you ...again admiring architecture
  10. check this out soooo funnnyyyyyy :)))
  11. Pve

    I dont know how things work after 110 but i can tell you feoh is much more efficient and less demanding then yull up to 110. A feoh, but not any feoh, only dark elf, can do better then Yull with less adena involved. Playing other class then Yull, Feoh and Dread...fotm...will be not wise unless you know that class very well or have a lot of money
  12. Pve

    Listen Uncool, our fellow players give him good advices...theres not need to go redneck to prove your point. For your info, its true you cant pve or pvp with yull unless you invest a tone of money in it. Ok, mby not 50 000 usd to enjoy it but for sure over 10 000 usd to do what other classes can do and more. If someone tell you otherwise is lying. We play this game to have fun, we cant have fun just admiring aden architecture or killing elpies. If ppl LOSE LOSE LOSE inevitable they will lose interest for game or they will come here on forum to express frustration. Thats why its important to play a class you can manage. Which class? The true answer only your wallet know Yull is for rich or super experts/ very old players(you need pskill damage rings, oe skils, oe items that give pskil crit damge, you need a mouse with macro to setup and a second computer for boxes,etc)...its not for new comers who dont understand game mechanics. This deserve a big lol...in plunderos if you dont have min 250-350 bil in equip you cant farm adena (dont get me wrong, you can kill a mob but you cant make 100 mil adena per hour). Its disturbing the fact you dont know anything about this class and yet you express your opinion so confident...and by doing that you fool other unexperience fellow players.
  13. ISS sub

    No...its a bad idea. You should choose a fotm class...yull if you have a lot of money, tyrr -the handy one or feoh-the cheapest dd to play.
  14. Restore Item

    Ando, you are wrong ....the purpose of that service is exactly for "Oh ill enchant my +20 wepon with a normal scroll and they will restore me if i fail woohoo" . More then that, for ppl to do not expoit this system they restore same weapon(no matter who the owner is) only 2 times per year .
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    You are the one who insist to play here, between two of us...I cant wait to see how things will be after maintenance. You know you can farm in only one place of the map and ppl are rly crowded there 24/7 . For many of us: No PK=No Farm