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  1. Exactly my thoughts... @Draecke here a fact experienced my self: to pass lvl 106 on West you need 600 tril ish exp, exactly the same amount you need on EU... for 106 lvl exp table is the same.
  2. Whooa, here comes another fresh blood uneducated redneck(in terms of L2 ofc)... While you know very little about this game(im soft on this) you give advices and make proposals poluting forum with your stupidity...Wth is wrong with you ppl? 1.ISS buffs mastery aka double duration was deleted 6 months after they introduced afk macro(all except POM/Bison/etc) aka many years ago. 2.even if mastery work just turn on your personal buff...problem solved without the need to cripple a class. You have this "buff" problem because you are a cheap impotent bot with a full party on vmware...g
  3. Well, its so funny to see how players are bullies by this service provider aka NcWest You guys need to see a psyholog. For me and my friends leaving Naia was the best theing ever hapent to us. Dont trust me? Just log on EU server and you get the what I mean. The dead server concept can have many meanings, here some: -most common-no players on the server -reaching a lvl where you cant farm with normal items, ex: some ppl still farm tanor/aligator for years...boring=dead server -reaching a lvl where even over the years you invest a lot of real money in too but you cant do more else
  4. Its a common practice, if not forum rule, for forum mods to do not allow multiple threads for same subject and merge all in one. In your eyes mby look like a nerf but in our opinion its a balance...I guess here its a debate. Bottom line, devs made a mistake and now they try to correct that... I think we can all agree if a class is designated to play in party they should not be able to do very good solo or like is atm to solo party areas. offtopic: I remember when Tanks had so much power and can solo instances, filed farm,etc ( if memory serve well i kinda quote Draeke: Imag
  5. Rly its hilarious, we allready have a yull thread...no need to make another one. Regarding higher prices...well, you do log 3 accounts for free. You dont have to pay like in other regions. Now, to answer your question...if you take a look at ranking in first 100 ppl on server you will find 90% yulls and feohs. Do you consider this a problem? I do. What corean devs(yes, not NcWest) did is to nerf...is what they do... A real good balance in my eyes would be to eliminate any posibility for AOE/Party designed toons to play solo, It can be done easy by increasing mp consumption x10
  6. I just wanted to say one last thing, if you feel yulls are so neferted and unplayable how about Eviscerators? They got a major nerf few moths ago and in January will receive another heavy nerf....the point is corean devs adjust classes and farmzones like on their own servers...and we are not there in terms of players equipment nor in lvl. Regarding the gratitude we should show for yulls coz they lvl other classes...that is pure BS. Just because one class has been devs favorite for years and others are left behind(see doombringers and wynns for example) doesnt make you entitle to ask that,
  7. And we suppose to know who you are?.... Plix share if you like: your lvl and your gear or its another lie... I said it many times, we are old dudes who play an old game...we can smell bs instant from miles away. Don serve me "I quit" story after you(not you in person) played here many years and spend thousands of real money to make your ton pop up good damage. If ppl quit they cash out and have only 2 options: sell their gear for adena-I would know about it or sell for real money- I would know about that too....for the moment nobody quit, thats a fact. Illegal servers...rly...wha
  8. Dude, just because a yull cant solo/duo a party area due to a little nerf doesnt mean ppl quit. It mean they moved back on other areas where they can solo/duo. Yes, that is the reason for yulls been nerfet...they exp too fast soloing new ketra/varka party areas! You said ppl quit but you did not present any evidence...name here medium-top yulls(1-50) who quit due this nerf. You cant, coz none quit! Again, get over it..end this endless discution, you will get nothing back.
  9. Thats a lie, nobody stop playing...both servers are heavy during common playing time and normal for the rest... Nothing has change, just a bunch of ppl who cry on forum...you gain nothing crying here, go on korean forum and complain there. Ps: And if you stop play on NA where do you go? EU servers? Yulls are not nerf there?
  10. Get over it...yulls got nerf, they will not revert it. There is life after that, few months to wait and you will have the possibility to change main class with stone of destiny. Honestly, i hope in the near future yulls will get another nerf...just as much as they will stay in line with all dd s(you all know what and why).
  11. Mcrit rate is mskill crit rate...since when are different ? Oh, i get it...you troll new feohs wannabe. And btw is limited to 330 aka 33% no matter what items or enchants path you put on.
  12. when you open, for example, you get a ruby fortune box and open again for a random lvl1-lvl5 ruby. Thats not bad at all, i think we will see some lvl5 gems on server this event
  13. Autoatack hit only 1 mob, skills are not affected...honestly its not a very useful skill to take, when i was played dread i never use it
  14. I heard ppl go in a low area where you dont get exp, kill mobs and replenish full vit...its just a gossip
  15. high-high aka equal chance to get an item is like flipping a coin...in real life if you flip a coin the chance to get head 7 times in a row is pretty small...almost impossible. I guess in digital world things are working different...
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