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  1. On contrary, exp matter for most players. 106-110 its hard but not mission impossible...but if you are 110-111 ofc doesnt matter or matter less. If you dont like your class with this event and new restoration system you have oportunity to change...go Yull and see how is it Ps: it will do good to your health to patronize less your fellow players Ps2: I dont think this is secret but 99% of server population is 35 y or more!...so no, there are no kids in this game.
  2. Iss Question

    You are a bit confuse...Doomcryer never had POM. Doomcryer have Bison Buff, prety much like POM but for party. Its up to you if keep it or not
  3. Too much drama my friend....really its not important that bracelet. You get one +3str 5 slots for free from exalted quest ..and much more good items. Just play your toon....its very easy to get 105 now.
  4. Instances

    Its a recomandation, you can enter even in solo 110. and ofc the famous Abandonned Mine AOE...its a must everyday till 105 included You can read the patch, latest patch...most info its there . Just keep your eyes on party matching...if you see something tell us here
  5. Hi @Juji, @Hime Can you provide more details about: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy Why you did not made an anouncement...or mby you did and I miss it Any news about: -server transfer -cloak event Ty
  6. PVP

    without money not even in a public toilet cant enter if needed lol. some spend 50 and some spend 5 000usd...you decide where to be.
  7. elemental bust in mystic muse

    You should not answer him...let him discover his char...is the best way to learn L2 and you broke it. And hey...I didnt said he dumb,stupid or whatever you want to suggest, its only in your head.
  8. elemental bust in mystic muse

    Lol, if it were a bug a whole army of feohs would cry here in forum😁😁😁 You will figure what to do to activate the skill...mine function like a charm. Ps:how you thought, came to conclusion you need another tion to activate the skill??? Nothing logical here.....
  9. Eviscerator VS World

    Actualy in the dd zone things, with few exception, are quite balanced....the sick thing is with maestro in the next update. If you like so much Evi just play one. 2 classes are in need and suffering now...iss and healer.
  10. Compensation?

    Its not only prestige packs or destiny...its about all the items purchased thru ncstore ex buffs, cakes, scrolls, shots, etc....now what? Should l start remembee how manny cakes and scroll l broight since August? Thats crazy...but l promise since now l will start note those in a excel file with acount-toon-date-time-item and also with incident time, every 3 months l will make a request to support to give my ncoin back. Btw hime,juji ...why you implemented points system if the support still refuse to help when needed? What to move from char to char bound item on same account if not intraserver? Where do you note you will not provide intraserver item transfer thru point system? Also, if your support constantly refuse to help me...when you will open server transfer? Atleast that you can tell me...or better, make a cloak weekend sell.anyting?
  11. changing my Dual Tank class via Libra

    First, if you read not clumsy his post you will understand my answer 😁. Second, i did not advice him . I just presented the options he have...not many in his condition. Afterall, dual is to lvl up fast to 105.....main matters.
  12. Made in China huh? 😁 Any news about server transfer?
  13. Not True Geo...you will lose the bet, if you dont have problems doesnt mean others dont have too . Kissmyknife -old player, i know him in game; Sharlana-old player, atleast on forum;Texas-the same; Clobber-can see him streaming everyday, nice fellow;etc. And btw if you are Geo from Shilen why stop post vids?
  14. Place For Adena

    at higher you can go in Fafurion temple or Isle of Souls
  15. Any news regarding server transfer? @Juji