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  1. Silly question about dragon weapon

    Oh c mon, dont be sily...ofc you cant...read description....
  2. Wynns worst class?

    Listen, main pve damage for wynn come from pets, if mobs are higher then 3 lvls wynn pets cant do much damage >>>progress is stoped. Other classes dont have that penalty, even if they dont get skills after 110 they dont have lvl penalty other then normal one. Wynns shoud get servitors upgrade. Imagine a wynn 118 with 110 lvl pets....
  3. Hi @Juji Can you give us an update on: -Server transfer-all overseas have it, we are last...what is so dificult? Atleast give us option to transfer items or make common AH for both servers. -Stone of destiny-its available in Coreea...We have no reason to do not have it here also. When? Ty
  4. From my experience a L2 player never leave the game 100%...even they dont play always read news about the game. My answer to your question was a nice one, i didnt said anything to offend you...but yet you are an bleep not only with me.
  5. Now seriously...what you think? Its exalted....you dont know how exalted gear behave till now?
  6. Ofc you deserve and get same like all other ppl ......who create their toon after 31.08.2020. Same like ppl who play this game since 2004-2005...hell no. Are you for real?
  7. You get them for free
  8. Shiny gemstone

    You can exchange lvl1 LaVie jewels/LaVie boxes for shiny gemstones at 1:1 parity at master Shadai in heine
  9. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    Loosing what?Crp? Killing afk and bsoe from live players is winning? For this you take pride? Anyway, like his post your post doesnt make sense...why cry on forum? what is the purpose? what he hope to gain? Ps: is not Nefilim cl or members came to cry/complain on forum about war giving not complete story and seeking other ppl aprove on this.
  10. Its easy to learn why you got ban...1 party on main pc and 1 party on laptop . Using 3rd party programs like vmware to bypass 3 clients limit/pc is a banable ofence.
  11. server transfer

    Hi, Any news on server transfer? @Juji can you post an update on this? its been a loooong time... Ty
  12. Omg @Juji ppl ask desperate for more spots and mobs in 108-110 areas and the mighty corean devs came with herbs ... Now i had a histerical laugh remembering you guys acting so mysterious about upcoming changes from devs...ahmm, herbs....hahahahhahahahahhahah Would you like a cup of tea? got that? :)))))
  13. spot taken

    Guys, I hope you all read this...If you dont have enough power to kill a spot in Aligator just go in lower areas. Lately i saw many wynns there who "pvp" with mobs...its not your place there, you are not strong enough. I dont care what ppl say, I will pk any toon who dont have enough killrate and take his spot. Its a valid statement for all lvls/areas!
  14. Elven buff

    Oh c'mon its common knoledge...ppl have the right to know. Beside that, the age of live iss is over...I told you last year and I notice now you still have hope Btw, now many ppl play with self buffs in Evi-Maestro combo...its the cheapest super damage output ever invented in L2(imagine with only free items 105-106 lvl they can finish IT just in time).
  15. Elven buff

    you dont need uber expensive dominator buffs, just use a pom iss and a dead pet on macro to go in exp area give buffs and return to dead pet out of exp area.