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  1. Despite the fact you dont worth an answer I think you are blinded by the gazililion paulina alts that you find or see in game. For your surprise ungeared players are a minority. Why? Because both servers have round 1500 real players and 3000-3500 of alts and bots. I can bet all my items for this statement > 80% of active players pay real money, some more some less...but all pay. Also for your surprise you might find(as I did with my paulina Feoh) that players can exp without any problem with right class up to 110. But ofcourse, if you insist to play dead classes with or without gear you will not pass 107. Here another thing, many newcomers, like you, dont know what roll play NcWest in this dance...you and your friend Madona might be please to learn that NcSoft is just a service provider(to keep it simple: they own physical servers and they keep them in good shape; on behalf NcSoft Korea they take money from players for ingame electronic items and services). So you see, they have no power or knowledge of game indepth software...deh, all come crypted from korean dev and they just double click on patch...in fact any bug, any change, any game software alteration come from korean devs. To go in abstract, if Juji want to pee he need to ask korean devs permision. So, the korean devs want that game to go in solo direction and they have solid reasons for that. What you and Madona and another 10 randoms can do?Answer is nothing...just polute forum with nonsense threads over and over again. Dont like what NcWest is offering? Just move on EU servers! Really you cant spit against the wind...its bad
  2. Account verification email

    We tried so far on Gmail, Yahoo and on my personal domain....None receive security email. Conclusion is NcWest dont send those emails Its nothing wrong with email provider. Best action to take is to let support know by making a ticket. Pls all do that.
  3. Hi @Juji @Hime, My friends dont receive the email or message with verification code. Can you pls look for this problem? Ty
  4. buster+sigil or retri? Finally end of debate

    Krishna Buster upgrade effect M. Skill Critical Damage +3%, P. Def. +5% Krishna Caster upgrade effect M. Skill Critical Damage +3%, Max. HP/MP/CP +7% Krishna Retributer upgrade effect P. Critical Damage, P./M. skill Critical Damage +3%, Max. HP/MP/CP +7% and Krishna Buster You can insert 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When enchanted to +4, M. Accuracy +4, M. Skill Power +2%. <Enchanting> Use Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon. 470 Krishna Caster You can insert 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When enchanted to +4, M. Accuracy +4, Casting Spd. +2%. <Enchanting> Use Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon. 470 Krishna Retributer You can insert 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When enchanted to +4, M. Atk. +3%, M. Skill Critical Damage +2%. <Enchanting> Use Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon. 517 Conclusion is Retri+Sigil....probably start from +17 or +18 or more Buster would be a good idea.
  5. Blessed specter daggers vs Exalted

    You read KissMyKnife thread but you did not understand anything. It matter less patack value on weapon, what matter is SA and PVE option. You will see not much improvement between a +6 r99 pve weapon and +12 r99 pve weapon. Forget about r95...its a dead end garbage. Its good till you get exalted weapon.
  6. Listen, this guy madona insist to develop his own clan and compete at top lvl content with newcommers. Its rly his business how he want to play....but he cant force ncwest and players to play his fantasy. I hope you understand what im trying to say. Regardin catching up, all new players want to experience top lvl content in 2 weeks of playing here...that is imposible. If they like the game they have to play round 2 years and spend some money(smart) and after that have a chance to to get near old players...ofc they need to play the right class to do that. Unfortunately, any wrong choice they made end up in tears on forum😁. This is not CS or Fifa...dont like it?change the game. Its simple.
  7. This guy Maddona strike again with non sense inquires...Im not surprise he have followers...afterall, this pandemic bring us lots of new and returnig players who belive this game is for free. Ive been said in other posts, is like in real economy...you cant make money if you dont invest money. And I add: If you dont manage to get in top 3 clans on the server you will not see top content. In my opinion, no free to play player should not pass lvl 106. If you decide you like the game then its time to put some money in it like most active players do. Ps: game state is perfect as it is....2-3 hours active in party with friends and 4-6 hours of solo afk. Cant ask more.
  8. my character is weak

    what is your class? ISS?
  9. R99 Dual dagger vs R110

    Probably the weapon is not your first priority...you are naked . Check Kissmyknife thread in othel section. I would go for R110 and slowly upgrade...here you can find more info.
  10. Improved Baby Kookaburra

    Oh dear, healing mp with kookabura even in the very first days of GoD was a failure I did experimented back then with my first toon-feoh arhemage...good old memories. To solve your mp problems, assuming you are a feoh-no other class have mp problems in our days, you have to do: -increase your offensive powers -change area where you farm, go in a lower lvl -stop use mana barier(actualy this is the first rec) -use aquamarine lvl 3 -use items and setup for mp comsume reduction -take a healer friend to recharge you GL
  11. More of an exploit

    Bro, the post is speaking exactly about field raid boss, and yes...you can avoid that by pk his summoner. Again, his damage is x10 times more then your CC...as I saw he did not gave the last hit but most damage to RB. My statement is corect, your CC need more power. Ps: Raids are low profit if you dont have 200% rune drop+prestige...
  12. More of an exploit

    If that player know exactly how much damage he can output and the party/cc who try kill RB is not so strong(i mean if they dont kill rb in 30-40 sec)....is posible. He will wait and laugh till Rb hp go in the 1 shot area and hit, pick up and teleport to next one. Its clear they dont have damage...otherwise they just pk the guy Conclusion: Randoms try to kill Raid Boss but the big bad wolf come and took the loot End of investigation.
  13. Wings of Splendor and Appearance modification

    Dude, im not ignoring ...your question its pretty obvious and the answer was given many years ago and everybody who play know it. Thats why you dont get more opinions...ppl consider about you that you are a noob not worth answer. There is nothing to debate on your question...here your answer: if by any chance you put apparence on a 1 slot hair accesory that one will ocupy 2 slots. Bottom line, if you are that noob to put an app on a useless item and lose an important one for that....what more I can say. Please respond to my question, what is your lvl? your class? Pls stop pretend you are an old player...you embarase your self
  14. MS YUL - The next step

    Listen, i dont mean any disrespect...but you are pretty naked for a yull All skils: +20 Rings...you dont have rings for yull...low cost would be angel+6 and paulina r99 from box Weapon+12 min and set +8 min those are basics....without them no point to fine tune other
  15. Lineage2: Broken System??!!

    Guys guys, if you play this game since before koreans invented it.....please be kind and share with us your server, toon name, class and lvl...otherwise your words mean nothing here(yes, nothing...as long as you came with a new born toon). For me ...all this chat regarding balok 14 ppl, rune stone, blablabla come only from abusers who infest servers with gazilions toons in order to rmt adena. @Juji if you really want to do something about it visit now Plunderous Plains....you will find there an entirely army of wynn bots. Probably you will take no measures and let those **** to ***servers like you did in the past with GoG H5