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  1. On EU Mysterious SSR/BSSR recipes are dwarf only recipes and you can buy them from recipe manager for 2 mil adena ish. Also regular races can craft normal SSR/BSSR, recipe cost 1 mil adena ish. Vit condition cut is not excelent...but it is what it is we dance how JuJi sing.
  2. questions

    Here the test: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/659638/
  3. questions

    not too many but rather dificult to answer or unusefull 1.what is the relevance of the question? 2.I remember i saw a test on Innova, result was like: as much dex as you can 3. Clarify this question 4.I think a bloody bow would be the right choice...unless you want to use that enhanced exalted bow(that would be my choice, its good enough for 101-105)
  4. Wts Dragon&Circlet scrolls, cheap 1 bil/pcs
  5. Need Advise

    You should do first 2 quests of exalted and get armor and weapon....with 2 bil you cant buy anything
  6. Forggoten power

    So use them...whats the problem?
  7. You dont have to be a genius @golemka ...you use materials to craft and sell the items. FFS a recipe cost 150 000-450 000 adena. Anyway, it appear you win argument with vitality...it will stay as it is...drops arent affectected. You can rest, no need to pay for your bot parties
  8. Forggoten power

    Are you still playing? Or just asking for a friend? Here a little update, damaged books stoped drop since last update...
  9. Your weapon was not good from the begining hahahahahaha
  10. There is no refference regarding Dimensional, I think they dont know yet what we get However, considering the fact we are able to craft&enchant to +10...I bet my 50 cents that we will have the same as EU. Relax bro
  11. Good job NcSoft, keep it like this all year.
  12. Most players dont earn adena by field farming...only high lvl bot parties owners does... in high lvl areas. They manage to get there by using adena from bot in low lvl areas-under 103 areas. Those areas become very crowded and impossible to make a quest. Dont trust me? Just go and repeatedly pk a party in those areas...and come back to tell us witch mighty hero come to kill you, all your clan mates with texts like "I will hunt you forver, I will make quit, you will not step out of town, you are nothing but a random guy, blablabla" Been there, done that! So yes, its a good thing! You want adena...you have to pay like everybody does!
  13. Banhammer

    How can they ban someone when we dont have any prevention-detection tool for over 2 years(mby someone remember when they remove that xsomething program)
  14. New vit system is very good as it is,just open your eyes.... its a big advantage for regular and legit players. Drops(including adena) related to vitality>>>>no more 24/7 trains of bots (pardon, i intended to say free to play players....erm noo, its crystal clear: free to play rmt bots). You want adena...you have to pay like everybody does!