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PK situation

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Originally the game was not intended for afk type of play.

Now with all the problems with the current pk system and the fact that the server promotes afk play it creates a huge problem.

PKers on BOTH sides make sure neither side can afk farm. Also kill randoms that have nothing to do with their pk war from time to time.

The occasional pk is not a problem.

Systematic pking is the problem and adding this to all the other problems the server is facing, you are killing the server even more.

Since it doesnt seem possible to make both sides of this pk war see reason, maybe NCsoft can implement and high lvl PK protection buff that can last for few hrs so people can start farming outside again.

Im referring to GIRAN server. I dont know the situation in other servers.

It is really causing a lot of ppl to just give up since therrs no way to progress in the game anymore for them.



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I don’t believe its just a GIRAN server problem. Some people are just jerks for no reason.  If people can't see that the only way to make legit adena is afk farming with marco then they are either bot users or are whales. In the long run, the jokes going to be on them. What is the point of harassing people to the point where they just don’t care anymore and they quit? The “ bot users / whales “ will just end up playing by themselves on a empty server. All that $$$$ they spent will have been wasted for nothing. :)

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