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Exalted Quests,The difference between classes, races skills,


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I want to make a suggestion about exalted quests._I think the quests is too long,where the quest items comes into topic,  40.000 items (!!!!) to collect.In my mind it is too mutch.I would like to recommend to reduce it down ro 4.000 per quest,or max 8.000  per quest.We have life outside this game even if some likes to play this game gets bored by these kind of and type of quests from the beging to end,from the first class transfer quests to the end.I thought you have more creativity then this,i'am disapointed.I hope you create a good content in the future and variarity of quests witch are different then each other and not just about kiling monsters and reaching a certain level.I did the older class transfers for the aladin and the phoenix knight it was hard but was pleasure to be earned.I have to collecrt some items and and find some tablets and talk npcs would even nicer if i could solve some mind games,and you could say now e did classic yes you did , i asked player he said same sh1t as the live servers,he might be wrong he might be right i have to check myself but what i have seen so far i doubt that that would be any different. As an old Lineage 2 player i have seen when the kamael came in there skill set were very differnt then the other classes and i liked that,not just me maybe other people liked it as well,i know it  is harder to balance such skill set on every race and their classes with a smaller team,but now i only see very little difffernt skillset of each dps and tank the only differnce maybe their race and gender and few skills.This maybe the cause of smaller developer team i don't know.For me for example i would like to get back my soul of phoenix for my pheonix knight skill  which has been taken away once, then a later taken back,and taken away again,and now there is such skill but i still have the item for that skill.I also like to heal other players with my own hp with the sacrifice skill, i lie the lion beacuse the hell knight has the panther.Why the heck i can't have a lion?It would help me to level maybe if i have to play alone.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you.

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