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  1. Feohs are melees. That DW event said so. All jokes aside, tanks should be natural designated Yul and Feoh killers. Would love to see that entire class get 50% yul/feoh normal and skill crit damage resist passive plus add to one of their auras 50% more yul/feoh normal and skill crit damage resist. While I'm dreaming, give tank a Mass Panic Fortress skill. Forces anyone in 1200 range to be uncloaked, uncamouflaged, unhidden and either run in fear, or paralyzed for 5 seconds. The skill is enchantable increasing the duration of the debuff to a maximum of 30 seconds. You can run, but you
  2. Honestly, they could make this game SOOOO much better in a number of ways. Aside, am I the only one who thinks that they should take shots out of the game? Boost all weapons with what the normal blessed sps and soul shots damage would be. With enchants, the weapon gains additional p.atk/matk and SA bonuses depending on enchant level, instead of giving more shot damage based on enchant level.
  3. I see the cause for confusion. On some DW fragment types it indicates that you can't augment hem, but on other types NCSoft leave that off, which gives players the idea that if it doesn't say no, then it means yes.
  4. It's cheaper to buy a Dragon Weapon in AH than it is to craft one. Think about it. 50 Dragon Claws at 35-45B each. That's not including the other mats. Meanwhile people sell DW1 for around 450B - 600B in AH. Trying to get a DW using Haunted Chest is crazy. Better off buying a new condo or island vacation home.
  5. If I had to pick one, I'd get rid of token restoration if they gave us a service that let us transfer untradeable items to another character/account.
  6. Not much of a nerf, if that's all they're going to roll back. It's really easy for well-equipped archers to overcome that. Most won't even notice it. But the archers with average equipment will feel it.
  7. @Juji @Hime Everyone in game is asking. Maybe you should put that information on the Event page? Or have a giant countdown clock somewhere in every village near event PC. "So and so hours until the witching hour" kind of thing.
  8. The island isn't a peace zone, is it? What's to stop someone with the demon swords from going to the island, wiping out everyone there, and killing the Raid boss by themselves? Even if they are only doing 1 point damage, if they are the only ones dealing 1 point damage, and if they have mates to help with crowd control, can't they win?
  9. Hope you sold it to a trustworthy new owner. Otherwise things could get ugly for some poor unsuspecting bloke.
  10. Doubt they'll bring these back. Sadly, they are bound to the character, so you can't even trade them to other characters on the account. Sucks.
  11. Every area needs mobs like that. But it will never happen.
  12. Yeh, with Dragon I finish IT much faster than with my limited bow +++++. Wish I could keep it.
  13. You're right. Now that I have a loaner Stage 1 Bow, I'm using it to XP. No time to PK anyone.
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