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  1. Doubt they'll bring these back. Sadly, they are bound to the character, so you can't even trade them to other characters on the account. Sucks.
  2. Farm adena easy 10 bi day.

    Every area needs mobs like that. But it will never happen.
  3. Yeh, with Dragon I finish IT much faster than with my limited bow +++++. Wish I could keep it.
  4. The Purge Starts in 2 Days!!!!

    You're right. Now that I have a loaner Stage 1 Bow, I'm using it to XP. No time to PK anyone.
  5. Cube of gratitude

    You're right. I'm used to NCSoft's definition of "1 per account" meaning that the item is only for one character for a one-time daily use and it can't be traded, transferred or dropped.
  6. How was he being obtuse? He was right. They screwed archers.
  7. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Exactly. Should roll it back to +0 and permanently ban that account from restoration service forever.
  8. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Why not do us all a favor and get rid of the Restoration Token service? Take it back to what it used to be. Too many are abusing it now.
  9. Magical melee weapons?

    Agree, mages get a pass on this. They do as much damage as archers, don't take as much to make them "stacked" and don't suffer from delay. Even archers have the delay, people just don't notice it as much. But it's ok. Purge is coming.
  10. Cube of gratitude

    No. It's one character per account. It says that on the event page.
  11. Prediction: Yuls can't get Dragon Weapon Stage 1 until Friday. To regain hunting spots taken by melee for first two days of event a massive upheaval will ensue. Death will come to the lands of Aden and beyond. First from legitimate Yuls, then from griefers who have nothing better to do than dust off an alternate Yul and start killing en masse. Emergency Alert Status: ELEVATED: SIGNIFICANT RISK OF L2 MASS CARNAGE EVENT You've been warned...
  12. Yes, there are lots of scammers in this game. Everyday you log in someone is shouting about being scammed. Maybe it's only 5-6 scammers with lots of alts, but there is a reason why there is a permanent thread on this forum warning players about scammers.
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Is tomorrow's maintenance going to be more of the same, minus the Summer sale? Or can we get Red Libra now that it's technically late July? I know lots of people that want to exchange items so that they have a better chance of doing Rim Kamaloka. Just sayin', dude.
  14. Price check for clan level 9

    What is the clan's name?
  15. New Idea for +21 Weapons and Above

    It all depends on how far they reduce the required mats. I suspect there will always be pricing tiers and wealth classes among the player base. Most players can barely afford a +12 Krishna Limited, let alone a +21 or above Krishna Limited. The players who can barely manage a +12 Krishna will keep that market robust, because they can't afford a really high OE Krishna Limited or even a reduced mat Dragon Stage 1.