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  1. I'm late to the party. Where is the link to the patch notes?
  2. For sure, they are so consumed with trying to fix the ranking system and lag issues, that everything else is a low priority. But in our favor Red Libra works. It's just a matter of them getting approval to offer it more frequently, if they can't give Mammon same functionality of Red Libra merchants all the time. I would be happy with one week every month we get the Red Libra merchants. It's tried and true and works. Players will always complain about latency, but this would give them something else to do in the meantime.
  3. ISS Hiero

    I agree with everyone that a Hiero will never be mistaken for a DD. You can go all Warrior skills tree, cater your dual class skills for damage, give it +15 STR, equip it with a +12 Bloody Krishna weapon with 450 attribute, have every Talisman and jewel boost possible, but it will still kill slower than a pure DD, especially with higher level mobs. It can solo XP in some spots, especially with greens, and it is a good change of pace sometimes, but never lose sight that the ISS is designed mainly for support. Since your skill tree isn't something that you want to constantly change, I suggest going with Knight skills to help keep your ISS upright during those long grinds. Your party mates will thank you.
  4. I hate the way the weapons market achieves absolute entropy the minute Red Libra ends. Whether it's the AH or the private sellers, the same damn weapons have been in the shops for almost a month now. And it's not just because of the prices or demand. People want weapons, but they just aren't able to find the type of weapon that they need. It's time to permanently update the Blacksmith of Mammon with functionality of a true Black merchant and permit exchange of R, R95, R99 Blessed/Bloody/Dark weapons. Not only would doing so stimulate the server economy, but it would assist players with getting to higher levels, picking dual classes that have different weapons needs, and absorbing excess adena on all servers as R gems, crystals, etc., will no doubt be consumed as people change Dark/Bloody attributes. The exchange would also eventually lower the prices of weapons, which would ultimately contribute to the number of R110 weapons that are created on the server as players are more likely to enchant and upgrade R99 weapons when the prices are low. Think about it seriously and please make R, R95 and R99 weapon exchange a permanent feature.

    Submit a ticket and hope they respond today.
  6. Flash sale?

  7. Chronos down?

    Juji, get those 8 hour GM buffs ready. See you at FI.
  8. LUC stat and enchant

    Just remember how all enchants work. From the minute you click the enchant scroll the system says, "fail, maybe not fail, maybe not fail." It's never been, "fail, succeed, succeed." LUC helps increase the odds of you maybe not failing. That's all it does. It is still possible for characters with 60+ LUC to still have lots of fails. There are days when I can go weeks without failing, only to have weeks where I don't have a single successful enchant. That happened to me in the last update. I made two +16 weapons back to back within the space of ten days. But right after that, my luck tanked. I failed on just about everything, including on enchants where I used stones that increased my odds by 30%. Ordinarily you wouldn't think a 30% boost combined with a very high LUC stat,, Maphr +8 T-shirt, etc., would fail, but there I was, crapping out at an alarming rate. My luck didn't change again for the better until after the current update. All that said, I don't believe that we'll ever get the truth on enchants. Like when they would tell us that ALL weapons have the same enchant success rate only to find out much, much later that mage weapons definitely had some kind of hidden modifier that made them more difficult to over-enchant. Even now, some items like boots and gloves seem easier to over-enchant compared to shirts and pants.
  9. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    This has always been one of the lamest forms of "events." If you want to improve it... 1. Guaranty a winner ever hour. EVERY HOUR. 2. Have one drawings each day with guaranteed MULTIPLE winners, not just one. It won't kill the server economy if 5 people all win a +10 Amaranthine Weapon one day, and the next 6-7 win an R99 Purple scroll. If anything, it will boost activity, as people learn the art of barter and trade. 3. Make hunting/xping a factor in the event. The more you hunt, the more chances you get to win something. Way too mobs standing around in barren fields wondering if anyone is going to kill them today. Make it so!
  10. Radiant +5 shirt

    I would agree with that statement. Some of the people with the most powerful items all PVE, or just collect stuff. They don't PVP or siege.
  11. Radiant +5 shirt

    Made it to +3 before failing. That was it for me. Not worth it.
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    The last 4 times that I did it I got the Merkis Grand Wizard thingie, or whatever it's called. 60 coins each time. It usually appears around the 14th or 15th wave for me. Also, for those looking for strategies, you don't really need one. You can BSOE at any time and reenter. You can rebuff and heal up outside before reentering, so have your buffbot parked in Gludin ready to give your prophecies, battle rhapsody, whatever. When you go back in, you can cherry pick which ones to kill. I agree about killing the ranged attack types first, since they're the only ones you can't really outrun. Otherwise, it's simple and straightford. They only aggro you once you attack them after reentering, so plan your attack and wipe them out. Once the sub-boss and boss appear, you don't need to attack the regular mobs. Focus on boss and spawns. If AOE, make sure you lure boss to an open area away from the regular mobs that you didn't kill. If they get caught in your AOE only then will they attack you.
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Hate to say it, but if a preponderance (~95%+) of the people that are level 100 - 102 can't finish it, then they ought to change the entry requirement, or tweak the mobs in a way that helps with completion rate. True, Kartia and other instances are much more difficult right at entry level, but they can be done and with average gear by a majority of the players. It just takes them longer. In fact, Kartia can be done even if you don't have R grade weapons and armor depending on the class. That's not the case here. Most of the people that do it easily are 104-105ish range and well-equipped with semi-stacked DD characters. Just for the heck of it, I tried it with a 100 Wynn, +7 Bloody Ret, +6 Eternal full element, Boss jewels, level 4 jewels all around, and GM buff scrolls with +6 STR p.atk nano. I figure most people are in this range of obtainable gear and tweaks. Needless to say, that character didn't finish it. I had to do it with my 101 Tyrr, who has ungodly equipment, +17 bloody slasher, +12 Eternal bloody full attributes, full +5 STR/CHA dyes, level 4 - 6 jewels, skills enchanted up the yin yang to max, every manner of top accessory and boost known to man or beast, etc., etc. It should not take all of that for the average person to participate and complete the instance at below 103. If it does, then tell the player base so, so that they can stop wasting their time and energy on this "event."
  14. If only that works. If only some known botters never regained access to their accounts. If only entire clans of botting characters were forever wiped from servers, never to be heard from again. If only IPs were forever blocked. But that almost never happens. The eventually come back. They always come back.
  15. Do rogues get any better?

    20-40 is a bear for most classes. It's my least fun stage of the game. But once you reach C grade things improve. Better still at B grade and above.