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    @Juji Now that you're forced to suspend roll-out of the new PVP/PK system, can we please have Red Libra this week? It's not like you have anything else planned.
  2. I think you should give me and the next 10 people to reply a free Dragon/Demonic weapon of our choice. Then I won't care if I drop something by "exploit."
  3. Exalted Quest

    It's a one-time quest, and your dual can't get the quest items unless it's the same level, and it can't learn the quest reward books at all -- only the main class can.
  4. Pve

    Feoh definitely needs less in terms of build to be as effective as a Yul. If you're the type of person that likes to build and constantly tweak characters, then pick Yul, not Feoh. You'll be done building your Feoh in no time. Then it gets kinda boring from there. And you don't have to chase every event as a Feoh, because at a certain point adding one more doohickey to your Feoh won't make it that much more powerful. But that's not the case with Yul. It seems almost counterintuitive, because a really stacked Yul is crazy powerful. But even those top of the heap people have room to grow. They have to keep going, because the competition won't let them rest.
  5. Agathion - Valakas from the12 year anniversary pack

    I didn't think that it could downgrade the Valakas agathion. The skill disappears, or so I thought, after it reaches the top level. This must be a new development.
  6. Where have all the raids gone?

    Look at the good side. At least you don't have to be worries about someone camping the raids with the good drops 24/7.
  7. Where have all the raids gone?

    Funny, because I'm pretty sure NCSoft is still raiding wallets. All of the time.
  8. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    Man walks into a brothel determined to blow his wad of cash. He wants to know which is the best woman to "date." We're just pointing him in right direction. (You're there, too, make no mistake.) So yeah, it's both pointless and hypocritical to tell him to leave and go buy flowers for that single, depressed, approaching the end of her biological clock, obese chick with adult acne at his office that needs the attention and would probably marry and worship him until his dying day. His mind is set. We all have better things to do with out time and money...but here we all are anyway. 15 year old game. 20 year old game. Hell, if they manage to keep the lights on for 30+ years, some of the same faces you see now will still be here.
  9. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    If your goal is PVE, yes, $2K is more than enough. But if your goal is PVP and you want to actually matter within a month of playing the game, no, $2K is not enough. Spend it somewhere else.

    The last Red Libra offers a way to trade your armors, your circlets, etc., but at a cost. I'm pretty sure the next one will let you do that, too. The problem is that we have to wait forever for Red Libra. Having the merchants show up only once in 6-8 months is not good.

    Why not create a new character? That's what everyone else does.
  12. Farewell for now

    If this is the same guy that was on Chronos, a stacked archer with a +30 Limited Bow, no, he's not giving away for free.
  13. But I like the Rolling Stones.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    The email that I received didn't specify when, but gave the impression that it would be relatively soon. I actually don't even want my Greater Garnet any more. Way too many dropped during this event. So many people have them now that the prices have been lowered to below what a level 5 jewel costs. Give it another week and 70% of the server will have them and the value will be lower than a snake's belly. They should have done a better job of distributing drop rates equally among all of the Greater Jewels. Or maybe, just maybe, they should design a way for us to exchange the Greater Jewels for a different type through an NPC. Not all of the time, just periodically. Like perhaps during a RED LIBRA EVENT!!!! Just one possible idea.
  15. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    You guys must be looking in wrong place. I see my Super Advanced weapon augments. Is your weapon equipped? Press "K" on your keyboard to get to your Skills window? Select the Passive tab? Scroll down to the Item Skill section? Make sure the section is expanded (by clicking on the "+")? You don't see any of your item augments there? Not talisman, Vie En Rose jewels, Dye effects (if you have dyes), Dragon shirt passive skill, artifact book passive skill, seed bracelet -- not even your Guardian Angel Juju Agathion Special Ability????? Something must be wrong if you don't see any of those items, if you have those items equipped. The life stone augment effects are there, too. The only way you won't see it is if the augment is an Active skill, at which point you'd have to view the Active tab to see it. Please check again and reply back. I'm really curious at this point.