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Why you always hide behind saying there cant be any changes that dont correspond with PlayNC and then make all our events crap compared to theirs?

Is sad your always playing that card, then ninja deleting and changing stuff here that seems to have nothing to do with the progression of PlayNC server.. 

Hiding behind misinformation, false information and misdirection about game mechanics that cannot be verified, or found online due to the slighest changes here.. Keep saying KoreanRandom, when 1:1 this is not PlayNc server.. the descisions the NCWEST staff makes are most often deploreable.

As seen in Cloak event.. Reponse from support in other thread that spending real life money enchating is designed to be difficult.. what the hell is that?

Grind more on credit card to get item.

That is what they said.

Here is an idea for a real game improvement... since the instant gratification of buying something that progresses the game is currently all gambling...

Sell the items, ie Cloaks, with some sort of quest involved.. that is designed to take a year or so to complete.. killing mobs, performing acts, etc.

Probably to involved, surely cant have the narrative team spend anytime on this game since it makes no money for NCSOFT... better to keep removing story lines and adventure ingame for slot machine style game mechanics and macro farming desinged to milk l2store sales.

And to the Haters.. cause you gonna hate.

If/When Games like this dumb down enough, NAY..Continue to dumb down so that they do finally catch the attention of the US State & Federal Gambling Commission, it will be because of the top 1% ingame.


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