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Returning Player w/Questions


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1. I understand there is no longer a penalty for using higher grade equipment? What is the purpose of this and why would I invest in low level gear?

2. Weapons no longer have SA? I assume this is replaced by these runes but which do what?

3. Unsealing A grade requires "cloth" which as far as i see cost 20mil + from private shops. Where does it come from? Why so expensive? 2.5mil Tallum stocking and 22mil to unseal? WTF?

4. Manage Abilities usable points 0/0. How do i acquire these? Or is this some odd new way of the tattoo system? Are tattoos still relevant?

5. What is this new element system? I can change it on the fly? it has levels?

If anyone has a discord, or TS and would like to talk about these rather than type please contact me in game (RazerAddict)

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1.  Who knows why, but buy the best you can always.  Low level gear has no value.

2. Yes the Runes

3.  NCsoft has regular events.  Those events give rewards like Scrolls, Cloths, etc. You must spend real money to buy NCoin to participate.  That is how they make money to keep the game alive.  You will have to spend real money to make in game money and get items.  The stuff you don't want, need or use, sell it for adena.

4. Dyes not tattoos

5.  There are elemental hunting areas.  They give good exp but no adena and no drops.  You collect elemental particles and extract them turn those particles in to Sven in Aden to get magical tablets to unlock your 3rd class skills.  You co go to other areas and farm adena and drops, but the exp is horrible. SO what is more important, Leveling or Adena?  Most people have a group farming adena and drops to support their elemental hunting partied BSPS addiction.  Many people will say this is my room or area stay out, but their name isn't on the door, so choose to leave or fight for it.

Good luck!

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1) I think the purpose of this is to make leveling new chars easy and quick. Since the server promotes multi boxing and theres a lot of xp boosts to buy from the store. At the begining u will not have enough adena to go for a grade + so u will probably buy c or b grade gear. Also its very hard to eventually equip ur supports with top grade gear.

2) Google l2 classic runes and read wiki on runes and their effects. Any rune can go on any weapon.

3) Cloths get much cheaper during events that give cloth. Cloths can also be farmed at certain high lvl zones but at very low drop rate. Theres very little supply and very high demand, so they cost a lot.

4) You gain ability stat points after 76 lvl. 1 point per level. And yes  dyes are still relevant.

5) You can get elemental xp from some mobs that have elemental attributes. Most of them are in the 76+ elemental zones. Yes u can change on the fly. It has levels, gained through farming and use of elemental evolutionary stones.


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