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Sources for Enchant Weapon Scrolls


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It seems only real source for these scrolls are Raid bosses, which in theory is fine however we all know lower RB are killed by farmers, and even then theres almost no EWB scrolls anywhere to be found (there all used on the farmers orcs I guess).  Anyway, thought it would (could possibly) be a good idea to put EW and EA scrolls in the L2 Coin shop.  This would at least provide an alternate means to acquire them.  Or bring back the dice game permanently and lower the rewards significantly but enough that some grades of scrolls can be won. Just some ideas to open the market up a bit. 

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You can obtain it in most instances as well (Venusta, Imperial Tomb, Kartia, castle/fortress instance, Atelia, Mystic Tavern and so on), either drop or from the boxes.

They're also available via L2 Store on most boxed events. Out of events, you can buy them from players.

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