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  1. No bloody stones on naia!!!!

    Well how much are you paying for a +10 Bloody Eternal Robe Set? I might sell you mine just pm / send a mail here or Naia
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Where to obtain the Glorious Brooch Fragment (for making the Glorious Brooch Rare)? It's also from the Ultimate Jewelry Box? It's not stated in the rewards list. EDIT: Nvm, found that it's the Glorious Brooch Jewel that comes from L2 Store pack, just with different names.
  3. Friendship [Lineage II movie]

    Amazing video editing great job and good luck
  4. chat troubles

    Ask someone to send you a private message. That person/char will get a system message saying something in the lines of "the target you're trying to contact is currently under chat prohibition". Check if that's the case. Mostly doesn't last longer than 24h, but can be annoying to get it without apparent reason.
  5. Dimensional Warp

    I also would like some fixing/explanation about these issues
  6. WTS / WTT

  7. Lineage II - May Preview

    Thanks for these monthly previews it really helps into organizing stuff in game
  8. WTS / WTT

    Updated and up
  9. Fisherman's Blessing worth the 35 baits (Math Ppl)

    It's worth it! Going for 1h buff or 8h buff. The amount of baits you save with Fancy Rod + Buff it's worth the spend of 35 coupons + adena in the buff
  10. Dark Elf Fighter or Mystic?

    It really depends on what you like to play In the Mystic options you have: - Summoner (mostly ranged DD) - Wizard (ranged DD) - Healer (support) In the Fighter options you have: - Knight (support/tank) - Blade Dancer (support/buffer) - Dagger (melee DD) - Archer (ranged DD) If you plan on playing alone, probably a DD would be a good starter. To get a glimpse how the game works and the party environment and playing with other classes as you progress it's really up to you and your playing preferences. You can always make a dual class with some with another DD/healer, depending on what you like.
  11. Dual Expertise Rune Pack R99

    I don't think even the L2 Store has packs like these for R+ grade sets. Probably you have to get them from crafting, drop, players or AH. In Naia, +0 R99 sets cost a bit less than 1bi adena (which might not be so easy for beginners to get). Until level 85, just keep using the gears provided by the link quests and it should be enough. On 85 you can get R-grade gear for your char.
  12. Question about crystals

    For S crystals you might have to consider getting some S80 drops (like Morai, Vesper, etc). In bosses like Zaken and Freya instances, it's frequent to find these drops and you can crystallize them from crystals S grade. In Armor/Weapon Shops and Luxury, maximum sold is A grade equipment. S grade only crafted. You can find "Recipe Merchants" (usually in Blacksmith shops in the cities) with the recipes and fragments needed to craft S grade equipment, but I think it won't be worth it to crystallize to make soulshots S. Better check from players or buy from AH directly
  13. Jewel Grinder

    Each time you open an Ultimate Jewelry Box you're guaranteed to get one Jewel Grinder. Source: http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/brooch-store-promo-01252017.php#Box So, originally you can only obtain from L2 Store during the "brooch events", but some players have it for sale too
  14. 103--->104 with heine fishing coupons....

    Since no one actually bothered to answer this, here it is: 1) 103 -> 104 (if it is 0% 103 to 0% 104) - using Bait (Lv. 102) With Fancy Rod: 32295 baits (~215 hours to level, ~9 days) With Fancy Rod + Master Fisherman's Blessing: 19377 baits (~129 hours to level, ~5.4 days) + Master Fisherman's Blessing costs http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/fishing-expedition-returns-april-2018.php 2) Actually 12k NCoins (for 10k coupons) are 150€. With Fancy Rod you need more or less 3 times that value. With Fancy Rod + Buff you need almost 2 times the 20k coupons. With Sturdy Rod and other rods, you need a lot more. In Naia, the prices are ~1.5kk adena for each coupon. So for 30k baits you need around 45bi adena and for 20k baits your need around 30bi adena. What you spend (or not) in this game is completely up to you. This is a relatively fast and easy way to EXP, but of course it's not cheap. In a lot less time you can get to 105 in Elven Village, with the right party and the right boosts EDIT: Just noticed that Argus answered before the SPAM began. Either way it matches more or less good luck
  15. WTS / WTT

    Updated prices and up