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  1. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    Meh, I hope not. At least not yet visit us anytime
  2. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    Come to Naia for 1 month
  3. Progress doubts and questions

    Although it's a free to play game, it's pay to win as well. Drops (either adena or items) are very crappy (at any level). So, to compete in this game, you have to put money into the L2 Store. Unfortunately, most L2 Store events, you don't pay for what you get. You pay for a chance to get an item. Most of the times, a crappy item... so usually you overpay to get basic stuff. And atm that's a big issue This doesn't seem to have any significant changes in the next few years. So... if you think it's not your cup of tea, you're probably right enjoy the game while it's enjoyable. When it's not, focus on something else
  4. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS v2 - Video

    Please come back Pepinio?
  5. Progress doubts and questions

    - Being a healer, you should get into most parties, still... Leveling up your own buffer would be advisable for a future DD or dual DD - Basically 105/105. With the new update it will be "easier" to level and you have new dual certificates for those levels. The goals of the game, it really depends if you're sticking more to PVP or PVE. On both of these, being 105/105 and fully exalted helps - Just make all your daily factions / instances / quests. Level and gear will come over time. Find a fun PVE clan to help you with that and to meet some new friends to play - Naia and Chronos have fairly the same amount of players online. Chronos prices are cheaper. It's really up to your play times. Naia has a GMT+1 (more European time) and Chronos GMT-2 (with most north and south America times). Although you find people from all over the globe in both servers. It's just a matter of what GMT fits you best (for Olympiads, CoC, sieges, and so on). Don't try to get everything done at once. Take time to upgrade your char as you progress. Keep updated with latest chronicle updates. And, most important, have fun

    This it feels like a new generation of carebears started playing L2. Unfortunately every time they QQ, they get their way with the GMs...
  7. Exp Table after Aug 22

    It's pretty simple. NCWest won't give you XP for free, nor they will give you items / bonus to compensate that "lost" XP. You'll stay with the same level and %. It could be worse. You could have to gamble to get your XP
  8. Searching Zottel

    I hope you find him
  9. Heroes, August 2018

    Ah... fake news. Gotta love those
  10. Clan-Penalty only 10 min. / instead 24 hours

  11. Heroes, August 2018

    Not really. They just came to make fun of their MAX / NOVA buddies
  12. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Final patch notes probably only on August 23rd
  13. They're back!

    They're all (1 CP) in MAX since 1 week ago.
  14. the Failure of Max

    24 and 8-9 are very similar numbers
  15. BAN for using CTRL button?

    I see this happening daily in game chat (and even here in forums), with people pulling up real names from players, location / work / country information, private information overall that has nothing to do with a character in game and it's just a personal attack, which is clearly a bigger form or harassment than using tank skills on mobs/players Tickets are submitted and what is done? Nothing! Not even a chat ban for a certain period of time. So... don't try to sell me that the Support Staff is impartial, because clearly it isn't. And that's the biggest issue with this game...