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  1. Drop the swords final reward to 1bi and everything above is solved
  2. It doesn't have anything to do with backups. Most 110+ got extra XP and 109 and below got less XP. Just shows that different regions have different XP curves and ours apparently it's not bad until 110 and then it's hell after that. Since they pinpointed the issue, they should fix it. Adena and other items and backup doesn't have anything to do with the issue. Their incompetence is another story
  3. S-grade R-grade The Seraphim Eternal Krishna

    Seraph and Eternal are armor grades. So the R110 armor is Leviathan and not Krishna (this is for weapons). The S can count for Super like you said, or Special. And the R, just simple a new way of grading things after GoD. Same way that Bronze, Silver, Gold wasn't enough to define ranks in some games, and they added Diamond, Platinum and so on. It doesn't need to have a meaning, just that they need to keep upgrading and they need to find new rank/grades for it. They might run the whole alphabet one day L2 Lore can be found here, but no info about why recent things are named as they are: https://l2wiki.com/Lineage_2_Lore
  4. Charm of Courage

    Grocery - Trade other items - there's one available at the end of the list, but it's No-Grade (level 1-19). It's the only one I could find around and I doubt it works as the R-Grade one. When they revamped the Grocery NPCs, probably a boo boo was made and those got deleted. Submit a ticket just in case to remember them of this
  5. Sayha Seer equipment

    Since Sayha's Seer can't equip sigil, you earn a lot more equipping a retributer
  6. Hi,returning to NA servers. Few questions.

    Although some things might be different (mostly L2 Store items related), the updates themselves are all similar. So yes, every class will be able to have iss buffs. Although these buffs are maximum level 4 melodies and will never replace a good active iss

  8. God Accessory 

    The sentence I was waiting for when I tagged you
  9. God Accessory 

    It's the same with the L2 Store "boxes", why should it be any different on this? Some people get lucky, most don't, because the chances are crap and that's the whole purpose of this So I'll summon @mixa here to say the rest :3 P.S: maybe you had better "luck" when you were a dark elf
  10. No more Advanced Aria Bracelet

    Don't worry, soon it will be a L2 Store item, like everything else
  11. EDIT: What the guy below wrote
  12. Human Doombringer

    They can. You have no problems in choosing a doombringer / soulhound / trickster as dual on any race, if you wish. You can make a human tyrr human (dreadnought or duelist), get a Chaos Essence from L2 Store and change the human char to another type of tyrr (like doombringer for example)
  13. I don't know if it was a mistake or they just don't know what they're doing @Hime