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  1. God Accessory 

    The sentence I was waiting for when I tagged you
  2. God Accessory 

    It's the same with the L2 Store "boxes", why should it be any different on this? Some people get lucky, most don't, because the chances are crap and that's the whole purpose of this So I'll summon @mixa here to say the rest :3 P.S: maybe you had better "luck" when you were a dark elf
  3. No more Advanced Aria Bracelet

    Don't worry, soon it will be a L2 Store item, like everything else
  4. EDIT: What the guy below wrote
  5. Human Doombringer

    They can. You have no problems in choosing a doombringer / soulhound / trickster as dual on any race, if you wish. You can make a human tyrr human (dreadnought or duelist), get a Chaos Essence from L2 Store and change the human char to another type of tyrr (like doombringer for example)
  6. I don't know if it was a mistake or they just don't know what they're doing @Hime
  7. insanity + seven signs

    It also works with Insanity, they just never updated the description on the Seven Signs to fix that
  8. Chronos' Heroes, September 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - KingScoobz Sigel Hell Knight - Eleanore Sigel Eva's Templar - iKarigan Sigel Shillien Templar - LordCrypt Tyrr Duelist - Gicobbe Tyrr Dreadnought - Andouille Tyrr Titan - TheBlackPope Tyrr Grand Khavatari - Hamure Tyrr Maestro - NagnarX Tyrr Doombringer - lZero Othell Adventurer - Decebal Othell Wind Rider - DrblOw Othell Ghost Hunter - Dohn Othell Fortune Seeker - SHY0N Yul Sagittarius - CrOnWiL Yul Moonlight Sentinel - iAleira Yul Ghost Sentinel - Felinty Yul Trickster - doomcaster Feoh Archmage - DmAnGuS Feoh Soultaker - iDreamy Feoh Mystic Muse - Elldorith Feoh Storm Screamer - Zureil Feoh Soul Hound - Shilu Iss Hierophant - Nuky Iss Sword Muse - Kize Iss Spectral Dancer - SkimMilk Iss Dominator - Lotthus Iss Doomcryer - Hallibel Wynn Arcana Lord - iIshmila Wynn Elemental Master - K0HEKrop6yhok Wynn Spectral Master - BattleScav Aeore Cardinal - iAthina Aeore Eva's Saint - Bom Aeore Shillien Saint - Lif3Y Eviscerator - FistingTime Sayha's Seer - Sykotix _______________________________________ MorningStar - 10 NOVA (Renovatio, ProPVE, ClearlyClueless, BOSS, untaggeds) - 15 FS - 3 Crows - 3 LosBandidos - 2 Others - 3 _______________________________________ A.k.a blocklist, enjoy
  9. MAX vs DH

    The same thing all MAX members got a fair share from the sale of the Anthy Buster to Sioux?
  10. Naia's Heroes, September 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - ResistanT Sigel Hell Knight - CwO Sigel Eva's Templar - Gianina Sigel Shillien Templar - IamHSC Tyrr Duelist - TheDiabless Tyrr Dreadnought - BobOrc Tyrr Titan - Xtec Tyrr Grand Khavatari - AH64 Tyrr Maestro - WestIce Tyrr Doombringer - Silmaril Othell Adventurer - Ghoul Othell Wind Rider - iFoToMoTo Othell Ghost Hunter - llllllUllllll Othell Fortune Seeker - lTerry Yul Sagittarius - LeFranzel Yul Moonlight Sentinel - LordSpoyl Yul Ghost Sentinel - VV Yul Trickster - eXEQ7er Feoh Archmage - lPeppinio Feoh Soultaker - Sioux Feoh Mystic Muse - Wintra Feoh Storm Screamer - griNman Feoh Soul Hound - Acka Iss Hierophant - HolyFame Iss Sword Muse - Shamiel Iss Spectral Dancer - iSpartianGuard Iss Dominator - XenZen Iss Doomcryer - Slawa Wynn Arcana Lord - iForever Wynn Elemental Master - FuuHouhou Wynn Spectral Master - iPatriska Aeore Cardinal - IPrince77 Aeore Eva's Saint - 6yyyy Aeore Shillien - Alyssa169 Eviscerator - OverDPS Sayha's Seer - Zinilwa _______________________________________ DragonHunters - 16 MAX - 13 HawksOfDoom - 6 GenericCrew - 1 _______________________________________ A.k.a blocklist, enjoy

    It's possible to have other B/A grade sets for sale in Luxury Shop? Like Blue Wolf?
  12. For now they'll keep it at 7 clients "for a little longer" (aka forever? ) https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14790-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-friday-august-23/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-103834
  13. 2h in queue to try to log in to pass from 300+ to 50 players and servers are going down... good job
  14. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Considering that you had no client limit before and that wasn't the issue, it's a bit dumb to blame the latency on that, but test away Macros are always a problem. On this update, the automated pots are a new automated macro system. That might also be an issue. But the constant updating of A TON of characters for the ranking system, clearly isn't something your servers can handle. Limit it to 105+ chars or something, or try to remove it completely to check if it helps with the latency.
  15. soulshots don't work

    Yeah, nevermind, it's still f***ed up from time to time