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  1. Chronos/Naia Merge

    Conclusion: Detaging is the root of all evil to the live servers... if a merge happens between Naia and Chronos, I'll be there to check how you welcome MS
  2. Chronos/Naia Merge

    I also don't agree with this. You can't have "halfsies" oly / sieges. And fixing a GMT for a probable merge would force half of the people to change to something better (aka, since this is NA servers, the GMT will probably be NA related, so most European players will go say hi to Fragola, or just quit all together). People are bored, because that's just how this community works. A new toy shows up (Classic), and everyone has to be the first to play with the new toy... Until... Guess what, they get bored again The attendance event was really cool for players. Free boosts it's always something to be grateful for. But at the moment, the Live servers are forgotten. No events going to keep the people entertained, no preview about the upcomings events and fixs, nothing. I'm glad you're all excited for Juji to be back, but... He's focused on the Classic servers. So... Don't expect much from him regarding the Live servers
  3. How does command channel work

  4. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    Consider yourself lucky if you get this fixed on next Wednesday's maintenance. If not, October 17th. If not, November. If not, Christmas
  5. Cant even login

    You have a full forum dedicated to Classic. Stop spamming the Live servers forums. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
  6. Dualbox/Multiple accounts

    Since they removed the old forums and all the info on them ( ), this is the best you're gonna get: Basically, at the moment, you can open 3 clients per computer (not IP).
  7. Old Forum - Revived

    Well it annoys me that things that were only available on the forums (like armor / event appearances) are now gone forever... And even the L2 website it's impossible to access to old L2 Store events information with this "only Classis exists now" skin
  8. Heroes, October 2018

    You have to have 10 fights to make it into the list
  9. Kind makes sense doesn't it? You can also buy NCoins directly with credit card or with Paysafecard (under the Other option). Or buy codes from NCoin seller websites (like Amazon) and redeem them at L2 website.
  10. Ultimate & Transcendent Eternal Armor

    It's almost cheaper to get mats for dragon weapons Ah... now you said the magic word "L2 Store"!
  11. Question about L2 classic

    Half of the things people ask here, is answered on Maggie's and Juji's livestream from last Friday. Check it out.
  12. Ultimate & Transcendent Eternal Armor

    Much needed for what? Unless there's something I'm missing, getting a +10 Bloody Set AND a +10 Dark Set is a lot cheaper atm
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

    I assume it's the whole weekend, so... until Sunday 11:59 pm?
  14. Ms Easy

    So win based on time and killing people (probably afk) on macro? It's still a win anyway, so gz?
  15. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    If only we had these swift and enlightening answers from Support Team about the servers that are currently on (Chronos and Naia), like we're having with Juji and the future Classic #OneDay