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  1. NCLauncher 2

    I had to shut everything down in order for it to work. But now seems fine
  2. NCLauncher 2

    Any fix for this @Juji https://i.imgur.com/VFHDuRp.png ???
  3. (Chronos) Returning Player LF Clan

    Wednesdays, usually starting at 8h00 a.m. EST +/-
  4. I'm assuming not, but probably it's easier to test tomorrow I would like to know if the Blessed Scroll of Resurrection (Event) are gonna be deleted after event (not mentioned on the deletion list). Thanks
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    I agree that it would be nice to have a L2 webpage for the event with all the information @Hime
  6. paulina twilight

    Well if you still run around with dynasty, they're not your favorite babies
  7. Quick question: character creation

    You have to register an account on L2 website before started playing. If you're already registered and having problems in login your account due to email verification codes, send a mail to support team, so they can give you a hand.
  8. Enchant weapons R

    I agree that is easier to buy stuff done than to enchant
  9. Shadow of the Mother Tree

    @Juji @Cyan @Hime
  10. blacksmith mammon

    It's on the known issues list. No estimated time to fix it https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12911-known-issues-fafurion-662019/
  11. adventure guide buff

  12. paulina twilight

    It takes you about 1h to create a new char from 1 to 85 awaken. Unless you're pretty attached to a name, probably it's a lot easier just to create a new baby char
  13. Dye powder

    Juji was trying to add them on L2 Store for the same price as Light Castles (9m adena per dye powder), but so far nothing yet. Maybe on next maintenance
  14. Zariche: Prisoner Of Soul

    Read the description of the skill. If you hit the char imprisoned for a big X amount of times in less than those 2 minutes, the prison effect is canceled. This is cause by the demonic swords. They're only around from Monday to Thursday from 18h00 to 23h59 server time. So outside of those schedules, thing will happen to you. Do this for more details
  15. Chronos' Heroes, June 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - lNininhaZ Sigel Hell Knight - Eleanore Sigel Eva's Templar - AllArroundMe Sigel Shillien Templar - LordCrypt Tyrr Duelist - Gicobbe Tyrr Dreadnought - Lo0neyTunes Tyrr Titan - TheBlackPope Tyrr Grand Khavatari - Cr3aTur3 Tyrr Maestro - NagnarX Tyrr Doombringer - lZero Othell Adventurer - Divekio Othell Wind Rider - DrblOw Othell Ghost Hunter - RamenAddict Othell Fortune Seeker - Westender Yul Sagittarius - neoHaT Yul Moonlight Sentinel - iAleira Yul Ghost Sentinel - Aratus Yul Trickster - KiReDraGoM Feoh Archmage - Lio Feoh Soultaker - xSpaWn Feoh Mystic Muse - Elldorith Feoh Storm Screamer - Zureil Feoh Soul Hound - Shilu Iss Hierophant - Nuky Iss Sword Muse - Kize Iss Spectral Dancer - SkimMilk Iss Dominator - Serounaoser Iss Doomcryer - Hallibel Wynn Arcana Lord - iIshmila Wynn Elemental Master - weinerthezon Wynn Spectral Master - BattleScav Aeore Cardinal - iAthina Aeore Eva's Saint - GottchaB Aeore Shillien Saint - ColdFul Eviscerator - FistingTime Sayha's Seer - Sykotix _____________________________________ MorningStar - 13 Renovatio - 13 PvE - 2 P1rataS - 2 Others - 6 _____________________________________