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  1. EDIT: What the guy below wrote
  2. Human Doombringer

    They can. You have no problems in choosing a doombringer / soulhound / trickster as dual on any race, if you wish. You can make a human tyrr human (dreadnought or duelist), get a Chaos Essence from L2 Store and change the human char to another type of tyrr (like doombringer for example)
  3. I don't know if it was a mistake or they just don't know what they're doing @Hime
  4. insanity + seven signs

    It also works with Insanity, they just never updated the description on the Seven Signs to fix that
  5. Chronos' Heroes, September 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - KingScoobz Sigel Hell Knight - Eleanore Sigel Eva's Templar - iKarigan Sigel Shillien Templar - LordCrypt Tyrr Duelist - Gicobbe Tyrr Dreadnought - Andouille Tyrr Titan - TheBlackPope Tyrr Grand Khavatari - Hamure Tyrr Maestro - NagnarX Tyrr Doombringer - lZero Othell Adventurer - Decebal Othell Wind Rider - DrblOw Othell Ghost Hunter - Dohn Othell Fortune Seeker - SHY0N Yul Sagittarius - CrOnWiL Yul Moonlight Sentinel - iAleira Yul Ghost Sentinel - Felinty Yul Trickster - doomcaster Feoh Archmage - DmAnGuS Feoh Soultaker - iDreamy Feoh Mystic Muse - Elldorith Feoh Storm Screamer - Zureil Feoh Soul Hound - Shilu Iss Hierophant - Nuky Iss Sword Muse - Kize Iss Spectral Dancer - SkimMilk Iss Dominator - Lotthus Iss Doomcryer - Hallibel Wynn Arcana Lord - iIshmila Wynn Elemental Master - K0HEKrop6yhok Wynn Spectral Master - BattleScav Aeore Cardinal - iAthina Aeore Eva's Saint - Bom Aeore Shillien Saint - Lif3Y Eviscerator - FistingTime Sayha's Seer - Sykotix _______________________________________ MorningStar - 10 NOVA (Renovatio, ProPVE, ClearlyClueless, BOSS, untaggeds) - 15 FS - 3 Crows - 3 LosBandidos - 2 Others - 3 _______________________________________ A.k.a blocklist, enjoy
  6. MAX vs DH

    The same thing all MAX members got a fair share from the sale of the Anthy Buster to Sioux?
  7. Naia's Heroes, September 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - ResistanT Sigel Hell Knight - CwO Sigel Eva's Templar - Gianina Sigel Shillien Templar - IamHSC Tyrr Duelist - TheDiabless Tyrr Dreadnought - BobOrc Tyrr Titan - Xtec Tyrr Grand Khavatari - AH64 Tyrr Maestro - WestIce Tyrr Doombringer - Silmaril Othell Adventurer - Ghoul Othell Wind Rider - iFoToMoTo Othell Ghost Hunter - llllllUllllll Othell Fortune Seeker - lTerry Yul Sagittarius - LeFranzel Yul Moonlight Sentinel - LordSpoyl Yul Ghost Sentinel - VV Yul Trickster - eXEQ7er Feoh Archmage - lPeppinio Feoh Soultaker - Sioux Feoh Mystic Muse - Wintra Feoh Storm Screamer - griNman Feoh Soul Hound - Acka Iss Hierophant - HolyFame Iss Sword Muse - Shamiel Iss Spectral Dancer - iSpartianGuard Iss Dominator - XenZen Iss Doomcryer - Slawa Wynn Arcana Lord - iForever Wynn Elemental Master - FuuHouhou Wynn Spectral Master - iPatriska Aeore Cardinal - IPrince77 Aeore Eva's Saint - 6yyyy Aeore Shillien - Alyssa169 Eviscerator - OverDPS Sayha's Seer - Zinilwa _______________________________________ DragonHunters - 16 MAX - 13 HawksOfDoom - 6 GenericCrew - 1 _______________________________________ A.k.a blocklist, enjoy

    It's possible to have other B/A grade sets for sale in Luxury Shop? Like Blue Wolf?
  9. For now they'll keep it at 7 clients "for a little longer" (aka forever? ) https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14790-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-friday-august-23/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-103834
  10. 2h in queue to try to log in to pass from 300+ to 50 players and servers are going down... good job
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Considering that you had no client limit before and that wasn't the issue, it's a bit dumb to blame the latency on that, but test away Macros are always a problem. On this update, the automated pots are a new automated macro system. That might also be an issue. But the constant updating of A TON of characters for the ranking system, clearly isn't something your servers can handle. Limit it to 105+ chars or something, or try to remove it completely to check if it helps with the latency.
  12. soulshots don't work

    Yeah, nevermind, it's still f***ed up from time to time
  13. soulshots don't work

    I had this problem too, but the launcher update from yesterday solved it. Try to close everything, update launcher and try again
  14. Bug report: Hero Voice cannot be disabled

    This is really annoying And no, I don't want to block heroes and their chats. I just don't want them on every system message and every chat window that I have
  15. Soulshot is bug

    Same issue for me. Crafted a few bssR and mysterious bssR from L2 Store. None of them is activating @Juji