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Let's make Lineage 2 better!!


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Hello fellow GMs and community,

As we all know, L2 has become a heavily pay to win game. Lineage2 was never a fair game, but it would always give you the option to be able to farm items, if you were in a top clan/ally and/or have your cp. This happens today as well but, let's be honest, all top items and even ingredients for them are being currently acquired mostly (if not only) through events, that require an idiotic amount of money and have turned a hardcore MMORPG into an online casino game. This does probably work in Korea, where the mentality is p2w. But in the West?

In the company's defence, I totally get it. In order to reach targets, in a not so populated game that exists for so long, you need to be able to have a steady revenue, which comes mostly through events. The events' poor design and the many many errors and lag problems, make me suspect that you guys are probably understaffed and struggling with your equipment.(Either this or you dudes need to replace some of your staff)

But is this the way to keep one of the oldest games alive and well and make it profitable enough so it can evolve in the future and be even more profitable? Sure now with the pandemic, the game became more alive, but the pandemic will end soon(hopefully) and then you will need to attract new players and make the old ones come back. Because even in this state of the game, people (myself including) still love this game and no business has survived by trying to milk the already drained customers, without trying to attract new ones or/and without offering new content. So in all honesty, a big part of the community just wants to see this game becoming better and more popular.

These are the problems I can identify:

  1. A huge amount of items or ingredients are not accessible through playing the game (as intended in my opinion) and are only available through events.
  2. A good 60% of the game is underdeveloped and at this moment it looks very lazily put together (throw a bunch of mobs in area A and a bunch of mobs in area B etc) 
  3. There is little focus on group playing (which is the very meaning of MMORPGs)
  4. No advertising (either from company or players)
  5. No new content or good/original/interesting revamping.
  6. No original and/or interactive events  
  7. You base your revenue in a small number of high paying players instead of trying to attract more people and increase the game population. Which means that, as the population shrinks, you are trying to profit as much as possible from the existing players, by making the game more p2w and thus shrinking the population even more.

I believe that there is so much potential in this game and probably I am not the only one. Since this is a "Suggestion" thread, we could come together and suggest ways into making this game better 

These are some solutions for the above:

  • Make instances more rewarding. All instances should give a box that contains almost all items of Night market box (exclude Dragon Weapons, DW fragments, Boss/Dragon Jewels, talismans, jewels) and add all enchants and enchant stones with adjusted rate, add Ether and blessing fragments and bloody/dark stone fragments. Solo instances would give a regular box with low chances and all other group instances would give a box with higher chances, according to the difficulty/level and limit those rewards to X per PC or IP for every instance.(this will also encourage group playing)
  • Create farming quests and World boss, epic boss quests that will give as a reward items/ingredients.Add more and better daily Quests and weekly quests. Add quests in general. Quests are awesome.
  • More world bosses. 
  • Add more instances. There are unused areas that can offer so much fun in the game. I understand that NCwest does not have a developing team, but probably you could, with the community's help, to offer suggestions to NCsoft
  • More interactive events. Keep your P2W events to reach those targets, but interactive events mean more people will participate for longer. Make group events (pvp and/or pve). Your top gear atm is too easily obtained (if you have the money) from your events, but this is how you remove the incentive from people to group together and strive for months (which means engaging players to play for longer) in order to obtain top gear. If I can spend X amount of money to get everything I want, why would I bother actually playing the game?
  • Clans should be able to level up a bit easier than it is now, to encourage new players to step up and be more welcoming to a group of new players that want to join the game as a team.
  • Incentives for selected Streamers (your criteria), pve/pvp Video competitions, artwork competitions. Make the community do the advertising for you.
  • Use your suggestion box. Encourage people to participate.

I believe that there is so much potential in this game and probably I am not the only one. Since this is a "Suggestion" thread, we could come together and suggest ways into making this game better by suggesting specific things (event ideas, revamping ideas, ideas in general etc).

Apologies for the length of the post.







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