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  1. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18828-my-teleport-abuse-during-sunday’s-castle-siege-621/
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18828-my-teleport-abuse-during-sunday’s-castle-siege-621/
  3. Fully agree but you just mentioned a few things. The list of things broken right now is much more sadly, that is how bad it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jA8h3dcwGI That video covers some topics but truly it is just scraping the tip of the iceberg!
  4. As title says, please contact any of u so you can get back to our glorious clan!
  5. I stopped all my subscriptions are refuse to buy any ncoin, I was a good paying customer but enough is enough. The absurdity of end game is out of this world. You need 70.000 USD in ncoin value give or take to have a dragon or blood weapon. How can any player that (re)started the game compete ever? The answer is pay 70.000 or get the out... My foot is already in the door to exit! I try to make positive comments like the sieges to rework it at least but the "staff" does not care about 99% of the server, just the 1% top whales. @b0uff0s I agree with you fully!!!
  6. Well then, this is so fair to all players that bought items to get their count to 0 like me Again WP ncsoft...
  7. @DisplayNoName well then we can just stop sieging, because it is truly pointless to siege vs these guys... I tried to research data on this but it seems ncsoft broke the balancing scale with pay 2 win items. So I wonder why GM's refuse to comment on this topic in any way, I thought they were here for the community? I kinda see what it is now, if you are not 112+ with dragon weapon, you are not considered a player of L2... Ow well enjoy empty sieges I guess?
  8. Hi all another important L2 issue:https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18445-required-rework-on-castle-sieges/Please share feedback Thank you very much for your time and idea's!
  9. Hi all another important L2 issue: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18445-required-rework-on-castle-sieges/ Please share feedback Thank you very much for your time and idea's!
  10. That is what I mean, the sieges are dead at the moment. It is no fun for anyone except the top players that 1 shot everyone! Anyways have fun top clans when there is nobody even trying to siege. We at least tried at 107 to siege, but all we get is trash talk and griefing. I think this is the end of L2 sieges for me personally, I have serious doubts on sieging again. Also it seems GM's truly do not care. @Juji? @Hime? Can we get some feedback on this topic, people dont even bother going on the forum due to the fact there is no interaction. I am so confused that this is the
  11. Stop talking to support about this, it will always be "our" fault. Dont discuss with them details because its pointless. They ask for tests like: Dxdiag of your pc and stuff internet provider details speedtests Let's face it we all know its their trash server. Cannot even implement an event they "get" from EU/KR servers. Back ontopic: If they cannot find any fault they will just ignore you or blame the current position of the sun and blame it on a solar flare or ignore you It is a complete waste of time. Best bet is to have peace with it and accept it or keep spammin
  12. As a tank main, you are spot on. Tank class is useless just looks cool with a shield and then you get "1 shot". Guess what at that point you are a trash player who cannot play his toon, welcome to L2 retail PVP
  13. I fully agree with you, but trust me don't waste time on it. I tried already and it is worse than talking to a wall, at least a wall does not LIE IN YOUR FACE like these GM's and their crooked corrupt support! Just try to find players like you and enjoy the non pvp content, because pvping against dragon/blood weapons is pointless
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