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Hi. I have just down loaded on to Giran server. Been playing conquerers blade which was awful and L2 essence what was not for me either and all since the shut down of EU classic Skelth. So questions, if you would be so kind to help with! 1. Can I have multi accounts on the same P.C. 2. What would be the have to have items for a 5  toon party be. 3. Is this a good idea to play 5 toons. What are your suggestion for a new starter on Giran who is willing to splash out maybe $100 for a bit of time consuming fun on this game.

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5 characters will do well until level 60.  Then you will be stuck as there is a huge gap in leveling areas.  If you are just starting out, and know how to handle a box, run 8 or 9.  I am running a Paladin for tank, Tyrant, Raider, Gladiator, and Warlord for DD, Warcryer for buffs, Bish and EE for healing.  

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