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patk crt dmg 15% vs patk skill crt dmg 15% (RNG)


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 On low gear what you guys believe will work better on a yul?

Creation patk skill crt dmg 15%

Authority patk crt dmg 15% + confusion 25%


creation work with baium soul?


mb worth invest to authority and try upgrade it into rulers, or go with creation and try grind ring of oly?

Ask'n those infos because many ppl run skill crt dmg these days. 

Which ne of theses jewels will work with others toons, like a othell for ex.

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I dont think you are reading the ROC correctly:


MP +42, Confusion Resistance/ Atk. Rate +15%, damage to Giants +5%, P. Critical Damage/ M. Skill Critical Damage +15%, P./ M. Atk. +3%. Effects of two identical rings do not stack.


Its just p crit.. not pskill crit


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