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  1. Thank you guys for backing me up on this i was starting to question my math.
  2. 100% of .001 is adding another .001 period 100% of 50 is adding another 50 for a total of 100. adding 100% drop rate for a .001% drop turns the drop rate into a .002% Am i wrong on this according to NCsoft math?
  3. Wouldn't it be .001% + 100% = .002% ??
  4. BS also has the amazing MP regen so you can spam everything and never run out. Once you learn to play the game in BS you get a wake up call going other places and have to drastically adjust your macros.
  5. Jewells

    LOL im confused. if they are pay to win why cant they be bought?
  6. Does turning off advanced shaders give better game performance as well?
  7. Iss Enchanter

    try this: https://l2wiki.com/Iss_Hierophant Have fun with ISS, fun to play class.
  8. Jewells

    where do you get those? lol i dont see any in auction. not that i could afford them but i dont even see them for sale.
  9. Uhm, thats extremely cool of you. I will mail you in game. My main is Damaged1. I want to meet up and see what one of your high level fully stacked toons looks like, specifically your stacked archer.
  10. True. every toon that makes level 100 now gets to pick one.
  11. how to do noblesse quest?

    Roger That! I got the two quests confused.... I am a total noob i really have no reason to be giving out advise in this game. sorry im a bit drunk.
  12. I come to like the Ranking system

    Hey man you rock! that is a All Star line up!
  13. 100% thats the only way to stay in the game after lvl 100. you can decide how many dollars you want to invest in the game at that point. Even if you are all in the expense of gearing up a toon takes time( for me) so i level where i can while i build up the gear to move on.. The game gets serious after level 100, you really do have to decide if you want to spend the money to continued the game at that point. Even if you decide to spend the money to continue past level 100 it takes time to gear up. wow sorry if this doesnt mike sense im a little drunk.
  14. Completely!!....its dog eat dog in BS. i cant wait till my 10 toons are out of that place.
  15. What is the most op class?

    Sounds like things arent as bad as people are making them out to be.