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  1. fairly certain thats exactly what that means
  2. I dont think you are reading the ROC correctly: MP +42, Confusion Resistance/ Atk. Rate +15%, damage to Giants +5%, P. Critical Damage/ M. Skill Critical Damage +15%, P./ M. Atk. +3%. Effects of two identical rings do not stack. Its just p crit.. not pskill crit
  3. I have three others in the house all streaming video and running video games probably 24/7 if there is so much as a hiccup in my internet i hear about it right away.
  4. Well what i find that is very odd is only one of the three clients DC... i mean what the heck is that... its usually my DD that disconnects and my ISS is almost always still connected.. i would think with my ISP a connection issues would drop all clients.
  5. DC are back in a BIG way.. this weekend it was hard to keep all three toons connected for more than an hour.. sometimes all three would drop but most of the time only one of the three would disconnect... Could not make it through any instances zones that have a 1 hour minimum time. Very frustrating. Afraid to make party due to the DC issues.. Had a nice four day weekend of L2 planned out and basically ruined.. Just needed to vent .. i know others are struggling with the issue as well.
  6. LOL OMG like its some secret key to winning the game or something... Hilarious!. GunGrave the popular ones people are buying are the ones that you cant normally buy for hero coin in the L2 store.. There now that you are armed with that information you will now be able to beat GhostShadow at the game.. his biggest fear apparently... You can thank me later
  7. Its raining rune stones everywhere... just cant please some people.
  8. PVP game... its not supposed to be easy. Maybe L2 is not a good game for you? I heard recently Hello Kitty has a nice MMORPG that has no PVP ... maybe try that?
  9. It is true that the auto pick up feature doesnt work the same as when you click on the pick up skill with the mouse.. so many times i have stuff on the ground and i have to manually hit the pick up skill to actually pick up the items.
  10. Is it just me or is the Vitality burning off faster than it was before event with rune?
  11. i didnt see a selection for chronos so that wouldnt explain anything there
  12. Ok, i had a baby pet and i left it dead for longer than 24hours as i was using it as a target for my ISS to run back to after buffing..Lesson learned. Thank you for the confirmation. I will just make sure to rez the pet every now and then.
  13. Any one have a pet vanish from them while in game? if you leave a pet dead in game does it vanish over time? i use pet on my ISS to macro run to it and i noticed it had vanished, i was online for a longer time than i usually am, maybe there is a time limit you can leave the pet dead? kinda weird happened twice now. Maybe need to rez and then re kill every now and then?
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