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  1. Noob questions

    You get on the hamster wheel and spin and spend money until you win the game.. then when you have won you try to get your wife and kids and job back.. then you die happy.
  2. Noob questions

    Welcome to L2.
  3. PLEASE Ban the Adena Sellers Spam!!

    Juji, can you just go ahead and add a Action House for the adena sellers and make it part of the game?
  4. Please extend big vitality packs
  5. Can someone at NCsoft please fix the cocktails? 8 out of 10 times they dont reset. so annoying.
  6. Certificate Archer

    master rage and death
  7. Auto Hunt System

    Oh why didn't you say you got PK'd while you were at work?. You just need to open a support ticket and clearly state what hours you will be afk at work leveling and NCsoft will disable the PVP ability of players near you during those hours. But you have to be subscribed to Prestige Pack VIP+ AFK edition. If your only going to afk for 1 hour at a time you can go to the L2 store and buy PVP immune scroll 1 hour for 4500 Ncoins. But again you have to be subscribed to Prestige Pack + AFK edition for that to show up in your L2 store. Prestige Pack+ AFK edition is $1500 per month USD. Kind of expensive but definitely worth it for the VIP or Executive level player that has the need to AFK while at work and not get killed or you can just die like the rest of us peasants.
  8. Compensation?

    Just cancel your prestige packs until you feel there is a value to them again. Problem solved. Message sent. If they want your business they will work for it... If they don't they wont.
  9. Real PvP :)))

    OMG awesome
  10. Auto Hunt System

    What is the big deal? it takes you half a day longer to get to level 120?
  11. as the title says. i know people do not like pay to play but that horse has left the barn and if you pay to not be able to play that will really bleep off the people who are paying for prestige packs... that is a recurring revenue stream.. most smart companies will try hard as hell not to lose that.
  12. Toggles

    i love the fact that toggles stay on now... when i log in my toon is ready to go ... love it.
  13. tinker with your macro till you find what works..or fight easier mobs ... or both.
  14. New players

    so you spend a total of one more day in blazing.. i wouldn't worry about it too much.
  15. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    Just start new toons you will get to level 100 in about a day.. follow the quest progression till 105 you will get all the free gear along the way that you will need... at 105 you can then decide if you want to spend what it takes to go further.