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  1. what class has a banshee?

    OMG its right there lol. strange i have a Wynn and i only have the 3 pets nightshade souless and spectral lord not the banshee or the dark crusader. do they come after level 100?
  2. like the title says what class has a Banshee?
  3. Unlimited MP in some areas

    OMG same here, i have been fiddling with the macros trying to figure out why my awesome macro drains me is minutes in some places.
  4. is there a list somewhere of the level 100 solo spots? i tried hellbound and got educated rather quickly that i cant solo there.
  5. Free teleports

    i feel like i found the secret to the holy grail
  6. Ncoin Refunds

    i agree, i wish i could equip all my toons. it just means more money for NCSoft no idea why they wouldnt allow that.
  7. Game starts at 100

    Thank you i will try to get party. if i cant get a party i can level up other toons or PK macro sleepers in Blazing Swamp
  8. Game starts at 100

    i will try this when i get home tonight. do i need to get a quest first? are Yul wanted in party?
  9. Free teleports

    if i have a main that is 100 but keep my dual class under 100 couldn't i just switch to dual to teleport for free then switch back to main? going to try this when i get home from work.
  10. Game starts at 100

    What is PARTY ON? the chat?
  11. Game starts at 100

    Parnassus i tried to go inside but requires a party to enter. i found a raid boss in the fairy settlement he looked like a fat cat but he killed me very fast.
  12. Game starts at 100

    What BOSS? i wish there was a leveling guide for 100 + L2 wiki seems outdated or something. i do kartias, i took hunter guild quest for krofin nest but NPC says i need to be 106 with a party. i have been doing dimensional rift. what else is there for lvl 100? if i have to sit in blazing swamp for 100 to 106 that would be way too boring. i have found some joy in running around killing macro players sleeping at the wheel. plus its a good experiment to learn what skills damage players more than other skills. i have a 100 yul / 97 othel 100 summoner / 99 feoh 99 hiero 99 BD / 96 tyrr 98 evi and a couple others i do have fun trying new characters but im sure that will wear thin soon.
  13. Newbie (Yul class) asking questions

    great question im stuck at 100 also .
  14. Game starts at 100

    Game starts at 100 but im lost. i feel like i cant kill anything my level and im paying to travel around trying to find stuff. i have the 85 to 100 figured out so i keep making new toons to try different classes but all my 100 lvl toons are sitting idle. is there any good tutorials out there that can help ? l2 wiki isnt enough.
  15. ISS Hiero

    Thank you guys for the answers.