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  1. Im a Yul and its affecting me. attack speed is half of what it was...

    that earing is better than lindvior?
  3. Focus or Break?

    Ok, I have switched from focus to break. was not as expensive as i have imagined so i was also able to go from +5 to +10 on my skills. i know this may have messed up my test. So i dont have detail stats but its basically as you would have imagined im hitting harder and critting less. The interesting thing is that it feels like i am hitting harder more than i am critting less. End result even though its not a scientific study is that i am killing faster in my CP and even as the only DD in my little 3 toon party we are killing all mobs and waiting for spawn a little bit.. before it was just constant killing non stop. i am also not sure if staying with focus and going from +5 to +10 would have yielded the same result? Verdict: go with Break.. i can only imagine what it will be like when i get my skills up past +10
  4. Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year!
  5. Exalted & Dual Class

    I could swear i accidentally turned in 1 exalted quest and received the next while on my dual class. in fact it after receiving the next quest said i needed to be level 103 and kill some monsters, my dual was 102 and when i had the right amount of monsters killed so i switched back to main to turn in quest and it worked. I have never tried using the books on dual class though.
  6. Information about Prestige Pack

    dimensional NPC
  7. Rune Stones

    Tank's Guardian Aura... im happy with my purchase... great skill.
  8. Focus or Break?

    All great info, thank you guys. I will switch from focus to break when i have the money.
  9. Focus or Break?

    ive read this and its all making sense i just wish that he tried a comparison between focus and break. either way i will at some point switch from focus to break probably once i can afford it. i will post here results.
  10. Party Heal/Recharge

    tank was running in macro with provoke on but not using active taunt 3 man party iss dd and tank a pk'er came by and killed my iss and tank... my tank was flagged. tank was running all other skills in macro but not taunt. maybe one of his other skills flagged? i rez and started party and started up macro, pk'r cam back and killed iss and tank again this time tank and iss flagged but i think it was due to iss was healing at the time? i was chatting with pk'r and he thinks it was maybe provoke aura thats why i thought it might be true. Also healing with iss is a spam heal right/?
  11. Focus or Break?

    I was also told that a good plan is to start with Focus, then when higher level and patk is built up high enough to switch to Break. What are you thoughts on that plan? Also thank you for the advise. my build is going slowly but all my augments are geared towards skill crit rate and skill crit damage, i just wish there was a good way to measure them in the stats window. looks like i will start to save up money for the green books to switch over.. is level 105 a good time to do that?
  12. Latest exploit observed

    thats incredible.
  13. Party Heal/Recharge

    I just learned last night that provoke from a tank will flag him also.. So reds never drop items anymore? I could swear i remember a long time ago dropping items on death even by monster..
  14. Party Heal/Recharge

    lol damn i really wanted to see a healer auto explode... that would be reason enough for me to want to flag one
  15. Party Heal/Recharge

    if healer heals a flagged toon they just die?